September Starts Geeky

Year after year, when September comes, I feel elated. Vacations over, kids back to their school business, more playful time for me, with my Fotomann. Not this year though! We’ve brought mom to stay with us because of her health. This makes us three home alone when youth is out in the wild. You’d wonder if I am stressed. Well, a bit concerned but not stressed. Having her stay with us relaxes me more than talking on the phone every day and worrying what can go wrong a hundred kilometers South.

But, you would insist, how about my sex life? Funny thing is that I’m hornier now, harassing Don with commands that he is expected to execute on the spot. Sex, and especially those outstanding rows of orgasms, is my best friend in this struggle.

With a totally detached retina at one eye and an incipient cataract at the other, mom is unlikely to take us by surprise. I’ve told Don that he can walk naked all around the house, and backyard, when the agile twins are away.

The most extraordinary experiment I’ve performed, yesterday morning, was grabbing Don, from finishing his breakfast, to enter me, lick me (he is known to be great at lickjobs), kiss me, press his body against mine.

Immediately after I’ve peaked, recovering in sublime spasms, I ordered him back to breakfast, then pulled up my panties, buttoned my robe and out in the backyard to mom.

There is no better medicine on earth to regulate your day! One little minus: I cannot scream anymore (her hearing is in perfect condition).

On September the first, I’ve felt GEEKY. Wishing to pose in front of my son’s laptop (checking his browsing history – I’m still sorta control freak, especially about my kids), with various books and phased out hardware (repurposed as shelf decor), with the globe. Wishing to play the back-to-school geeky gal, again!

But, at my age, the geeky gal shows her mauve undies, because she wears no skirt. And parades her camel toe. Have you noticed the matching between my heels and my panties?

And yes, the geeky girl will undress and will pose naked. Showing that she knows something about tech (not much), books (so and so) and, maybe, geography (if zero would have been a real number).

The actual geek in the house (the one that made me a geek) has an announcement to make, on Patreon. Looks like a new school year has begun for adults too, with this Start of September.

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