#ToplessTuesday, Sportswear

This morning, waking up to open my laptop and continue the exercise in comparative analysis about retina cures, doctors and devices (from where I’ve left it yesterday night), there I find it: Bill’s message awaiting in my inbox.

Relaxing my eyes on this real life story, I can tell that bare breasts go a long way beyond vulgarity or obscenity laws imposed by immature individuals and shaming societies.

“Doris I want to share this with you. Men always wish to see a woman bare her breasts. Well, I just saw that happen in a beautiful way. A pretty mom in a halter dress was in a parking lot with her baby while hubby was in the store. The baby was very fussy. She undid her top bared beautiful breasts and held her baby against them. Instantly the child quieted and covered her breasts. This was the most beautiful display of love I have ever seen. Wish bare breasts were not looked on as dirty when they bring such joy and comfort… My prediction is this child will grow up to be a very loving and caring person… Thought you would enjoy this beautiful story.

I did. Thank you, Bill, and hope that you won’t mind me sharing it with the world. πŸ™‚

Today at noon.

Today at noon. Sporting something…

2 thoughts on “#ToplessTuesday, Sportswear

  1. I am glad you liked my post and hope others see the beauty in it. Now why did you post that teasing picture of your pretty breasts. So beautiful will you caress me next to them. Thank you for sharing your sensual views and enjoying mine…..hugs to you and hubby

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