Rockin’ Retro Swimsuit

There are moments when your desires agree with the streams of nature. Such as this crisp morning when the sun invited me to catch some rays.

The swimsuit is, like so many times, a poorly dissimulated pretext. You know too well how embarrassed I feel on textile-only beaches. Always forced to have an eye for the slip contours down there, between my legs, to keep the rebel hairs in line, or under it. Stressing!

Reason enough to give up my swimsuit and enjoy the morning in my birthday suit. Do you like the ‘Malt Shop Bop’ music? It’s a 1950’s era peppy rock piece with nice brushed drum work.


Starting from yesterday noon – ONLY on

2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Retro Swimsuit

    1. Nothing like the sunlight!
      Hubby bought himself a new gadget: a pair of spy spectacles with a camera embedded. So deep is it hidden that it gives a shadow to the right, even in sunshine… 😦 Not the best camera, just a queer one 🙂

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