Slipstream, The AfterOrgasm Effect

‘Slipstream’ – The Afterorgasm Effect, sounds and looks like a suffix to #realworldsex. Our morning lovemaking has been sublime. Being hit by so many waving orgasms, eventually, I told hubby to run down and bring the camera. Fast! The next minute he was filming me: in the wake of my orgasms. Did I want back to reality? Not sure. This little film will tell.

Watch me in 'Slipstream' on

Watch me in ‘Slipstream’ on

2 thoughts on “Slipstream, The AfterOrgasm Effect

  1. so very beautiful a love all couples should experience. your hard pretty nipples say I love you and enjoy your love and touch and your sensual smile says our love always will get me peacefully through any thing that comes up today…..such a beautiful loving way for a couple to start or end their day in total love and submission to each other. thank you both for letting me a part of this beautiful moment it has started my day off with lots of love and kindness in my heart
    Hugs and Love

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