Bend It, Subtly

Life is like a river, it bends where the rock to grind is too hard, leaving it for a later eon, still keeping it, for the time being, in the curvature of side streams.

The bad news is that mom’s health condition isn’t improving. The good news is that the kids are getting more responsible, more attentive, more mature. There has to be a valley for a hill to follow, said the Sine. The best is when you realize that you’re not alone, facing fate.

My crazy Fotomann, when not providing the needed logistics, has a marvelous mantra for my ears: “are you in need for some rest?, or an orgasm or two?, just give me a ping.”

Which I do, quite often, because I had understood, many years ago, when the twins were little babies, that uninterrupted stress breaks your body, and your soul.

One day last week, we drove to the farmer market and from there out of town, over the plains. From this little incursion of ours has resulted the ‘Stretchy September’ series of photos and the ‘Puszta #StretchJeans’ series that I’m posting here in this gallery.

Another initiative of mine, yesterday at noon: had to/wished to mow the lawn with two cameras on me. Why do chores and feel engulfed by them when you can approach the same duties in a red tank top, getting rid of the panties immediately.

Enjoying life means also enjoying the domestic work that comes along. Chloe Thurlow would say that pain and pleasure are a planck length away from each other. That would be 1 planck length = 1.61622837 Γ— 10-35 meters, and is nothing more, nothing less, than a coarse literary contribution by my Fotomann. Any philologist would scream (of pain, yes) at this unneeded level of accuracy.

“Who says it’s not needed, my dear bunny?” Asks the geek.

“I do. Now be so kind and give me five minutes to doze away or I’m gonna spank your little hairy butt.” He’s all game and I’m into erotic exercising, …Β massaging… and even reading.

See the picture above? One shot under two filters: i. a contrast filter that sharpens the photo to bring the contours to prominence; ii. a softening filter to skid the focus on shapes and brighten the shadows.

Two visions, same life. Get one. Switch later. Bend it, subtly.

2 thoughts on “Bend It, Subtly

  1. Doris you are the prettiest flower in the field so love you in the sexy red dress caressing your beautiful body…….So sorry to.hear mom is not getting better…….my thoughts and prayers are with you…
    Sending you a weekend hug

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