Pubic Hair Treats

I don’t shave my pubic hair! I like it the way it is. Well, yes, until a fine day back in July when I waxed it out (totally) because a new fan wished to see how I look ‘clean’ down there. See how my bush went on vacation. Read through the popular demand to ‘Bring it Back!!!’ Amuse yourself with reviewing this gone summer’s news. Mhm, it’s already October, cold and autumnal… and… my bush is back! As expected.

In these two erotic lovemaking videos, I present you just a new (old) hairdo. Of my bush, naturally. Called it (then) the butterfly pubic hairdo. Could be imagined also as a heart hairdo. Let your imagination fly.

Pubic hairdo, a taste of...

Pubic hairdo, a taste of…

1. ‘Pubic Hair Treat’ may come as yet another variation on the same theme: #realworldoralsex. But this little symphony of lovely cuddling, kissing and tonguing plays the classical note of a hairy pubis. That morning I had a new #pubichaircut to show. Which hubby hurried to gently taste.

The other pubic hair treat, in response to his tasting mine.

The other pubic hair treat, in response to his tasting mine.

2. ‘The Other Pubic Hair Treat’ is shorter yet fuller. Perhaps that, when I’m the one giving #realworldoralsex, the reach to the pubic hair is not at all easy. Something keeps me from reaching it. Eventually, I’ll caress mine. For many documented reasons, hubby comes later, sometimes the battery goes before he comes. Good that we have pictures. Even if this may look a bit ‘pornish’ this is how we have our #marriedsex for years (better safe than sorry).

What matters is loving yourself and loving your man. And practicing it. Hair or no hair, it matters less.

5 thoughts on “Pubic Hair Treats

  1. Doris with or without the bush you are so beautiful sweet and sexy…. however a woman with her natural bikini is the sexiest…..the soft feel and sweet scent of a sexy lady with a bush when you kiss caress and please her is the most beautiful
    sweet caresses and hugs

  2. I also would say a woman of YOUR stature your pussy would be FUN to finger fuck n taste the juices from your hairs

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