Steamy Souvenirs

This October is so grey. The Golden days of this October waned away with the first weekend of it. Not after we’ve got the chance to film ‘Garage 69’ – but I digress. Now look at me, this Thursday, how I walk to my ‘nooner’ photo shooting. Yes! I have a love affair with the camera, old news. But the first click of the camera brought the first drops of rain. Fotomann wanted we go inside and wait (man). I said ‘No!’ We stay and continue to shoot regardless of the rain. So he asked for my red rain coat, to protect his precious camera. Fair enough! What if I’ve got nothing underneath.

The lack of color of this October – as opposed to the Glamour of the previous one – invites to nostalgia. A sentimental solitude that I am way too distracted to welcome. Busy hands do a great job in preventing the mind to slip. Busy hands and lovely mails, that is.

An admirable Gentleman from the States has shared his memories with me and I readily agreed to play a part in making the present happen. And count! Fabulous memories have a finesse of their own, like a finger-licking recipe has its own hidden flavors – secrets known only by one, or a few. Because what’s the point of the secret if not sharing it? And if it’s a subtle one, like this one, then it will require a certain degree of excellence from the part of the receiver. Like an educated taste.

What I did was attracting my Fotomann in this atmosphere of steamy souvenirs. With his cameras, yes, exactly. But also with his science fiction ideas. You know what?, ever since Sunday, when he found this image (on Mars), he drums into my head, every breakfast, every lunch (almost), about ancient civilizations in our Solar System.

I can feel this as his weird way of being nostalgic. Told him to play the steamy souvenirs, that he filmed yesterday morning in our bathroom, in his mind. Eons or decades old, nostalgia remains nostalgia. And it bears enough power to project us beyond October. I guess.

Steamy Souvenirs - by and with Doris Dawn.

Steamy Souvenirs – by and with Doris Dawn.

2 thoughts on “Steamy Souvenirs

  1. the lady in red is the prettiest flower in the garden……you would be the sweetest scented flower there so soft to caress……..
    beautiful classy pics……..have a great weekend
    hugs sweet flower and your cameraman

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