Habits & Seasons

Did you know that the Earth and Mars are the only planets in the solar system having meaningful seasons? Meaningful to us, at least. Mars, with a year twice as long, reflects this in his twice as long seasons. Neptune has seasons which last about 41 years each (to whom it may concern). Most of the other planets have no seasons at all. No tilting axis makes a planet dull. Seasonal planets are a good premise for booming civilizations, according to LiveScience. And winters are crucial, so they say, for technology and progress.

Winter tyres take the place of summer ones. A seasonal matter. And I’ll take my self-cut denim (on and off) when playing with the air pump, around the pile of tyres. A photo shooting matter. But still, a seasonal one. And a habit that I’ve acquired for years, over years. Wish to consider it a good habit: me posing for the camera, he spreading the photos all over the web.

Mom’s habits revolved around shift work and consisted, out of the factory, in supporting her daughters, my dad, socializing with her neighbors in the block of flats, decorating it with flowers, caring for her grandchildren, and for her sisters, doing work even if not overdue.

In short, she found time to help everyone, to fix everything, but herself. There was no time put aside to repair tiny scars or to address coming degeneration (common in all aging body). Being there for everyone else but herself. And now she can hardly deal with the reality that I am here for her (grateful that I can be). She keeps telling me not to neglect my husband, not to abandon my health habits, because of her. She is depressed for ‘doing this to me’ – as she says.

Actually, she does good to me (the way she always did) even when she cannot grasp how this works. Taking care of her, holding her hand through the boreal winter, is not going to wreak havoc through my well established habits. I had learned how instrumental they are in keeping me fit and sane – capable to take care of me first, then of her, and the kids. And the darling hubby… almost forgot to mention him, oh dear! Because I’ve learned that you must take care of yourself in order to be apt to live life.

Chloe wrote about good habits. Taking heart from her blog, I’ll try to sum it up: traditions are there to be analyzed, dissected, inspected and refined, not blindly followed. Good habits compile good traditions upon your own personality, help you adapt and understand new situations. Reckless rebellion can be as detrimental as obtuse doctrines.

Praise the Lord for the tilting seasons and pass the habit!

Habits and seasons - air pump and winter tyres.

Habits and seasons – air pump and winter tyres.

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