On the Broom, Happy Halloween!

Riding my broom, wishing you a Happy Halloween!!

Riding my broom, wishing you a Happy Halloween!!

Love quotes for this Halloween.

“Doris, I really can’t think of you as a witch but you’re oozing sensuality as usual even in that outfit. You still get an awesome vote. Happy Halloween.” Signed: Bushmaster

“Doris, I would like to eat your hairy little pumpkin.” Signed: Studmiester

“Beautiful witch. Sweet Doris, cast your Halloween spell on me, come to me to boldly kiss and caress the sweetest Halloween treat. Hugs sweet mistress!”
Signed: Bill

You may also wish to watch our latest Halloween themed succulence on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv!

‘Witchful Lovemaking’ is taking advantage of special effects with glows fading in see-through holes and shades burning in greener flames. But the real wizardry resides in our mutual attraction. Years have polished our habits like everything fits where it belongs. Amongst climaxes, I carefully compose nice rippling sounds with an irresistible power of seduction. He loves to give. I love to receive. Perspectives are ours too. No magic. Just nature.

“Doris and Don make love against the backdrop of an Autumn full moon while Doris the witch cackles with delight…” by MadamCuratorXO

You all have a wonderful Halloween!!

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