Nerdy November, Geeky Gal?

Someone, somehow, has switched November with October this year. The many golden days still allow me to play, for hours, in my garden. And the neighbor’s garden. I love gardening. About as much as posing for the camera. Almost as much as releasing my happy hormones. Gardening is meditation and freedom.

As a side effect of my marriage, I’ve gotta be a geek, sort of. I hate those machines! But they occupy a central part of my life. Means that I’ve gotta love them, a way or another. You couldn’t taste the dichotomy between geeking and gardening unless you had to deal with both. To run from one into another.

I enjoy my internet work, especially the repetitive tasks. I like studying and learning and connecting with new ideas. But when the sun is up, shining over my garden, I love to greet him, right there, in the middle of it.

Reversely, hubby enjoys spending time in my garden, especially when he can find something to pick and eat, raw. He likes hearing and learning about flowers and trees and new natural methods. But the next minute you’ll find him under a laptop. Opposites attract.

Exactly one week ago, I was the geeky gal on the ball (there’s a film with this title, about to appear on in December). In school, I used to be the nerdy one. There’s a bit of a difference between the nerdy and the geeky.

And because November also brings Nostalgia (never mind the age), I have nerdily asked the geeky one to assemble a small gallery with snaps of gone Naughty Novembers – from the ages when I had no adult sites to make it public.

‘In the Shadow of the Forest’ – also known as ‘Forest Outskirts’ – is a Salacious September video of a nerd out in the woods, followed closely by a geek with a hidden camera in his glasses. Did I do it in public? Is this but a simulacrum or not?

Starting today, only on

Starting today, only on

And finally, long story short: yours truly, Nerdy November!

The geeky gal on the ball, during a Nerdy November.

The geeky gal on the ball, in the midst of a Nerdy November.

2 thoughts on “Nerdy November, Geeky Gal?

  1. geeky or nerdy I love it……you are the sweetest flower in your garden……have a great weekend
    hugs to my favorite flower

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