Have a Brain Scan?

Ruddy Adam has some interesting ideas (again).

I know that everyone reading this is seriously concerned about our freedoms. We all see them slip-sliding away, mostly by government fiat. Some people believe that drug testing is an invasion of our privacy and a violation of our rights. We here do not.

What would you think of mandatory brain scans for certain occupations, especially ones where we have to trust people with our funds and to enforce and write laws that tend to control what we do? Would it be a good idea for businesses to do this before hiring someone? Would you rather have a continuing string of new laws, rules, and regulations in an attempt to save us, i.e., control what we do? Or would you rather have brain scan testing that would help us with whom we want to deal with or not? Whom we want to vote for or not? Whom we want to handle our money accounts or not?

Or, if you were single, would like to be able to say to a potential new mate, Hey, let’s both have a brain scan?

If you get a chance, I would like to know your opinion. Ruddy


More Laws to Restrict Our Lives and Punish Us, Or More fMRI Brain Testing for Psychopathy?

“[W]ithout a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao, or a Ceausescu — which is to say, without psychopathic leaders who attain total control over a country — [the] suffering [brought about by the murders of more than a 100-million people] would not have occurred…” (From Dangerous Liaisons: How to Identify and Escape from Psychopathic Seduction, by Claudia Moscovici)

Every day we hear it from the media and the government: To protect us we need more laws, more rules, more regulations, more government, more bureaucrats. That’s what we need? Has that type of thinking done anything other than take rights and freedoms away from honest people, who make up a vast majority of the population? Has it stopped crime?

What we need are mandatory fMRI neuroscience testing for politicians, preachers, priests, rabbis, the police, government bureaucrats, teachers, education bureaucrats, counselors of all types, the medical field, the military, and for businesses to be able to use this tool, for the purpose of checking whether employees (or potential ones) have the brain deformities that psychopaths have.

That would save us billions from crime of all types. Think of the suffering it would save us if we could head these cunning, lying, deceitful monsters off before they gained power over us in one of the above fields. Or before they sneaked into a business and robbed or embezzled it into bankruptcy. Or before one of the sadistic sons-of-bastards got hold of another innocent lady and tormented her mentally and emotionally. Or before some pervert hiding behind the Cloth got hold of another innocent child.

Think of what this type of testing would do for our government. There would hardly be any need for the dreaded spinning handlers that come running out every time politicians get caught in one of their scams. That alone is enough to enact laws that would test all people who immediately gain power over us simply by getting hired or elected.

Do we not have mandatory drug testing for important jobs? Do we not have serious background checks for high-level jobs? Why not have brain scans done to see whether a brain matches those with psychopathic tendencies? We don’t have to throw them in prison, if they’ve not committed crimes. But if they have committed crimes, this testing would tell us whether they have a chance to change or not, and whether we should give them a chance to change or not.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a test for narcissism, because narcissists can be colder than a northern iceberg, more self-centered than any spoiled brat, and more predatory than a Black Mamba.

fMRI Brain Testing Shows That Psychopathy is a Brain Disorder

fMRI Neuroscience Testing Shows That Narcissism is a Brain Disorder

The Frontal Lobe Deformities in Psychopaths Prohibit Them from Making Moral Judgements

Researchers predicted before the study that people with damaged ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) “would deliver abnormal moral judgments of harmful intentions in the absence of harmful outcomes, as in failed attempts to harm. This prediction was confirmed in the study: VMPC patients judged attempted harms including attempted murder as more morally permissible relative to controls. These results highlight the critical role of the VMPC in processing harmful intent for moral judgment.”

We may easily infer from this study (and others) that the deformities in the frontal lobes of psychopaths are what keep them from understanding the damage they do to people with their lying, conning, thieving, manipulating ways. They also cannot feel or understand the pain and suffering of others, or the love that normal people feel for others. Rather than getting excited when psychopaths see someone who is supposed to be a loved one, or when they see someone doing a good deed, they get excited when they see someone abusing an animal or doing bodily harm to another human.


(Also reported in Neuron, a neuroscientific journal, article by Young, Bechara, Tranel, et al. Damage to ventromedial prefrontal cortex impairs judgment of harmful intent. #65: 845–51)

If these beasts make up 5% of the population (as some think), that’s somewhere around 15-million of them. You don’t think if we could stop these monsters from working in government and the other fields mentioned above and if businesses had a method to keep from hiring them, we wouldn’t stop a large amount of the crime taking place in all parts of our society?

Think about it. Sex offenders have to register for life wherever they live, and are on probation for life in many states. Almost every job you get today requires a drug test and many of them require them regularly. Would knowing that you were interviewing a psychopath for a job not be more important than the other tests they require? After all, you can stop taking drugs. You can’t stop being a narcissistic psychopath!

Why shouldn’t we test for psychopathy when we know what the brains of psychopaths look like and how they work and don’t work, especially because we know that their brains are very different from mentally healthy people’s brains?

That’s the way we put a huge halt to crime. But do you think there’s a chance that your government will enact laws to do that?

I remain, Ruddy Adam

Note: These are merely a few of the many studies done proving that psychopaths have brain abnormalities and that they are so far incurable. It’s worthwhile to note that their brains are dysfunctional, not merely abnormal. Their frontal lobes are deformed to the point that they do not work properly. In my view, this understanding makes all the difference when we’re speaking of psychopaths and narcissists and why they do what they do.

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