Eleven / Garage 69

Monday noon, he took me out for a coffee – black and strong, as we like it. But I was longing for more. For instance, look!, that creamy cocoa cake!

“All that poisonous sugar in it! Additives! Who can tell if there’s any margarine too?” Ranted Don my way, while my finger was pointing through the glass and my eyes were conspiratorially consenting with the girl behind the counter. His mumbled protests eventually muted, crushed by my craving.

We sat to sip and taste.

“Don’t you want a bite, Don? Just for an evaluation maybe.”

“Nah. Don’t want to ruin the espresso. But, as a matter of curiosity, on a scale from one to ten, if you would compare the orgasms that you’ve got Friday noon, in the back of the car, with this cake…”

“Ten for the orgasms. One for the cake.” I cut him short.

He smiles, instinctively, feeling good with his inner ape – which he so often wears by the outside (to paraphrase Virginia Johnson from Masters of Sex). And then reasons to me.

“Is there a problem with the cake? Not tasting well? Too heavy from the margarine? Stale?”

“Oh, no. Not at all. The cake is purrfect! I love it. Come on, just a bite. So you can see for yourself.”

He rushed the coffee cup to his lips to prevent my little spoon. “So you enjoy the cake.”

“Love it!”

“And it’s still a one?”

“A one? Don’t understand…”

“On a scale from one to ten…”

“Ah… Definitely. The perfect cake remains a one, put together with the fabulous Friday noon that you gave me in the back of the car.”

The succulent details are to be discovered in our #realworldsex video, from the novel semantic of #GoingDutch on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. We’ve called it ‘Garage 69’ – actually Don dubbed it this way and I had no objection.

And yes, he is right about harmful sugars and deadly margarine. Understanding what’s good for our health, avoiding the bad carbs and fats, at rare times I have to unleash my inner gourmand on those tempting and so creamy cocoa cakes. Because I love them! Very much. They are my faiblesse. Chocolate cakes, cocoa cakes, all light and fluffy cakes.

Rent the half an hour video here.

Watch Doris & Don Making love on MLNP.tv

Watch Doris & Don Making love on MLNP.tv

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