Breaking Up? Getting Stuck?

The initial name of my blog was Healthy Sex in Marriage. Of which the passing years made me gradually focus on just Healthy Sex. What happened to Marriage then? Well, too many things to detail. If you feel inclined towards the narrative about brides or marriage – why not? – you may click the links and browse through old filtered posts. But I digress.

I have a plan... (Or do I? )

I have a plan… (Or do I? )

The main topic of this post today is about not getting married and why, in many cases, this would be a better option. During medieval, modern and industrial times, marriages represented the core of the European society – Ménages à trois (quatre, cinq?) included. Marriage has been the institution of sex, somehow like the military is the institution of war, the hospitals are institutions of health and schools were institutions of education.

Much has changed with the advent of the post-industrial age. Like empires falling and rising, centuries-old institutions vacated the seats of manifest authority to more devious players. Generations taught to endure had endured. Generations forced to rebel have rebelled. All is water under the bridge.

I don’t know what the young generations are going to do with their lives, other than enriching the urban dictionary with terms like smombie. I don’t like the legacy that our generation is passing on their shoulders. I blame no generation and no one. Because blaming is bad. If things are already heading South, why accelerate them with blaming? I don’t like to write blog-noir anymore. So I’ll dress up like Margeret “Peggy” Bundy (née Wanker), the housewife of Al Bundy (a classic, yes). I’ll shake my leggings in front of the mirror, show my camel toe on the tubes and think like the young man who… just wanted to dance. That is all.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Up? Getting Stuck?

  1. Doris Honey,
    I really loved this video. It is absolutely amazing. The outfit you are wearing really compliments your figure; especially the pants. Your bottom looks fantastic. Cannot wait to see more of you. Take care. Love you.

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