Total Power, Not Sex

More questions and answers from Ruddy Adam. I’ve intentionally kept them for the Blue Monday of 2016 (pseudoscience tells us that this would be the most depressing day of the year – well, think that I’ll post something later to cheer it up, anyway take this read as a homeopathic remedy).

Dear Ruddy,
We have a simple and quick one for you. Would you regard Bill Cosby as a psychopath? And if so, what specific reason would you give? Please elaborate as much as you can.
Thank you very much for these studies, and for the answer ahead of time.
Like others we needed a review, after what, 20 years?
Looking forward to more. Elv. & Del., CA

If the charges against Cosby are true, and from the method I understand that he supposedly used to rape the ladies charging him is true (drugging them to the point of listlessness; then raping them), then absolutely. His acts are those of a classic psychopath.

Here’s why: We know that serial rapists are not so much interested in sex; they are turned on by having total power over their victims. Domination is what they enjoy; not the sexual act. Winning the prize by surreptitious means, moreover, counts a lot toward turning them on. They do not respect women; they hate them. Sex to them is using a woman; it’s not an act of mutual consent that each should enjoy.

One of the lusts that every psychopath has is for power. Though all psychopaths have specific lusts that oftentimes differ from one another, the one for power is absolute.

For rapists like Cosby it’s the whole process of deceiving their victim, seducing them into their lair, sneakily drugging them or getting them drunk — then raping them while they are totally inert. Total domination by stealth without a physical struggle!

Some of these deranged beasts would rather a woman fight, because this makes them feel more powerful when they beat her back and win the rape. These are the rapists that skulk their prey, and then sneak up on her and attack her by surprise. For these type of rapists it’s the whole process of stalking, planning, the surprise attack, and physically beating the woman to win their prize by force that turns them on. Total domination by a surprise attack using physical power!

Normal men want a positive response from their female partners — not total domination over someone by stealth or physical attack. They want mutual consent, in which each enjoys the act. Psychopaths want domination and power, the more the better. Mutual consent ruins the act for them.

Psychopaths want power over those who interview them. They want power over everyone they talk to. That particular lust is omnipresent in their mental makeup. This is, of course, why they tend to go into certain professions, such as politics where, upon being elected, they have immediate power over others.

Psychopaths such as Cosby who have a strong lust for total domination over women can lie latent for as long as it takes to get their prey into a vulnerable situation. They are patient. They are deceitful. They are cunning. They are plotting. They are chameleons who are well-practiced at hiding their true intentions. When they finally have their victim in a vulnerable state, they strike quickly and without hesitation — or thought of consequences.

Add the fact that these alien beings have no conscience, and you have an extremely dangerous predator on your hands — one that may be able to remain active for years without capture, as Cosby has done.

Cosby got by with his crimes because of who he is and the fact that his type of rape is difficult for women to understand — much less report. They wake up groggy, and don’t know what’s happened. And there stands this nice, sweet man (a star no less), who would not possibly do anything wrong (especially to her), loved as he is by all, promoted by the media as a selfless humanitarian, genius comic, and elite spokesman.

Why, that precious angel wouldn’t do anything to me. Yet if he did and I told, who would believe me?

It’s a great wonder that he’s been called to justice at all. It remains at this point to see whether Hollywood will come to his side and aid him, or allow him to hang in the far more than justified female fury that is now swirling about. (I have not kept up with the comments from the peanut gallery in this respect.)

I never thought the bastard was funny in the first place. But you were supposed to be some kind of intellectual to understand his humor. Which I am not. I’ve yet to meet anyone that cerebral — thank goodness.

The man rambled on with circular thoughts and silly dud-like conclusions, while sycophantic hosts acquiesced, and audiences made sickly giggles. This is a typical trait (rambling speech; their writing is worse) of a psychopath. Bundy did it. Berkowitz does it. Both Clintons do it. Every psychopath I’ve known has done it. It’s an inability to carry on a train of linear thought for a reasonable amount of time — and then come to a proper conclusion.

Let us hope justice is carried out in this case.

Ruddy Adam

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

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