A Week in Winter

Monday was Blue and much milder than the Ferocious Friday, first of its month.
Tuesday came twisty, just to rip the blue of the Monday off.


Wednesday came and went, leaving my mind in the succulent scent.
Oh, the mailman brought me one more little silky thing…

Read my stories on Inkitt.com

Read my stories on Inkitt.com

The gold vein of a story surfaces when facts go hand in hand with fiction, when true people blend with imaginary characters. When no one can tell anymore.

Yesterday, a Surreal Thursday, is the example I have at hand. He looked at me like ‘winter is coming’ when I’ve sent him shopping (gotta get lunch ready, no?). I hurried him up with military paradigms. He returned fire with code-breaking memes. How didn’t I see it coming? The winter, I mean.

A quarter-hour later, he brings back carrots, bananas, avocados and… a shy airborne army of shimmering snowflakes. As the new ‘paratroopers’ were taking over our backyard, and pines, I preferred to probe what the mailman has given me one day before.


Then I looked out the window and said, to him out loud: “Bring me the boots!” Which he did. “Which jacket?” I’ve asked. “The short one,” said he. “Let’s move fast, no more than five minutes out, under the elements. You must be careful with the cold.”

A calculated dare, that’s what I like at him: logical lunacy!


Winter was coming. It came and, few hours later, it went her way.

Today, let’s call it a Fairy Friday, I stare at the clear sky, from this side of the window because, you know, snow may be a rider but the cold is here to stay, few more days.


4 thoughts on “A Week in Winter

  1. Doris,
    You fill with an unbelievable warmth when I hear from you, and see your wonderful photos. You have been more than a fantasy girl. You have been a good friend. Hope you have much success in all your endeavors. Love you.

  2. sexy snow bunny teasing in your coat and scarf……you are so pretty sexy and fun…..really love your sweet soft breasts and sweet nipples teasing in the sheer black lingerie
    warm winter hugs

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