Tiny Build, No Climax

Guest post by Ruddy Adam. Enjoy, I did!

Dave Brubeck & His Trio, along with Gerry Mulligan, Most Masterfully Playing “New Orleans” Live at the Berlin Philharmonic, 1970

In this piece, my favorite jazz musician, Dave Brubeck, presents us with the longest, most alluring tease in music history: a 16-minute piece in which he gives us tiny build after tiny build without a climax. When I say tiny, I mean they are so musically delicate that the average ear is going to miss them, but they are there for the afficionado to cherish.

At first thought such a musical tease seems a series of tortures by sound. After listening to it, however, listeners will find (just as the audience did), that it is most addictive and somehow by its pure genius causes listeners to concentrate on those discreet builds that twist through and turn in and out of solos and simple movements (made instantaneously and without warning) wondering when, if, if ever they’re going to get a climax — and then the end comes, which I shall surely not spoil.

The solos are magnificent, and Brubeck as always most masterfully controls their time and somehow, through his superb musical intellect seamlessly intertwines them back into the piece making it one, perfect whole.

As always, the greatest musicians ever to play gathered to display their talents alongside Brubeck. A record number of standing ovations at that time (1970) at the Berlin Philharmonic for not only “New Orleans,” but the entire concert. This is Brubeck at the peak of his long career.

Think of something you need an idea for before listening to this piece, because it is perfectly set up to activate the right brain, which is the side from which ideas come. You will have them popping into your brain as so many pieces of popping corn in the pan.

Love and enjoy: Ruddy

“New Orleans,” By composer and pianist, Dave Brubeck & His Trio, along with Saxophonist, Gerry Mulligan, Playing Live at the Berlin Philharmonic, 1970

Lots of tiny builds... photo tease on CougarBunnies.com

Lots of tiny builds… photo teases on CougarBunnies.com

2 thoughts on “Tiny Build, No Climax

  1. Those red shoes look just right for shuffling in – love the sax, by the way, a haunting glimpse of tall buildings shortly after dark, a solitary plane in the sky, its lights growing brighter, a date for later.

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