Microcosms: Marked & Fabled

Our souls are islands of heavens, piercing through oceans of relativity. Each person is an island. Some arrive to form archipelagos and others stay single. Watching downwards, to the depths, there’s nothing to see. Peeking upwards, to the day, there’s always a glimpse of everything.

Almost four years ago, I have decided to open a new window to my island — or is it a tiny archipelago? Initially a site for writing, publishing and criticizing books, DorisDawn.com sprouted shyly on the web. But the marriage (or the divorce?) between beautiful ideas and transaction systems did not work as expected.

Because of the territorial nature of the many industries, DorisDawn.com had to enter the area of adult pay sites. Which yesterday it has exited. Why? Because CougarBunnies.com serves this goal better. Because MakeLoveNotPorn.tv has the potential to shift the paradigm. Because a mom-and-pop shop cannot bind the A-to-Z dots alone for this kind of online business. This is not about the island anymore.

What will become of DorisDawn.com? See for yourself: Things Gone Retro? Anyway… Thinking of Something!

What hubby says is that DorisDawn.com remains the window to my personal island, the way we had imagined it four years ago: the mark to our online presence.

Blank Looks - Today, three years ago.

Blank Looks – Today, three years ago.

Two photos from 2007 and 2013 that were turned into phone wallpapers.

Two photos from 2007 and 2013 that fans turned into phone wallpapers.

Yesterday, Be Fabulous! (little spoiler photo for next week's Carnival blog).

Yesterday, Be Fabulous! (little spoiler photo for next week’s Carnival blog).

4 thoughts on “Microcosms: Marked & Fabled

  1. Doris you are the mark of beautiful sensual love and friendship…….from beginning days to now of posing you and your photographer show that sensual love of your lady is beautiful……why women have so many piercings and excessive tattoos they don’t see what you portray as the sweet beauty of a woman. you and hubby show nudity and a womans body is sensual art to be visually enjoyed and respected.
    so glad to have found you as a friend here.
    hubby for my birthday wish hug and caress her sweet body from me.

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  2. I love how you used the island analogy If you think about it, that is pretty much what we are in the contents of our lives. I am sorry to hear about your website, and would have joined it if I could. I love how you are able to see beauty in everything. I would love to get lost in your world and explore it treasures. I hope to see more of you, my dear friend. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love you, Thomas.

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