Post Valentine, Why 17?

What have you done this Valentine’s? Gals chatting by the water cooler. No, really, how was your Sunday?

Mine managed to take me away from the day and back into dreamland. Yes, that fabulous field where bad memories are filtered out in no time. So swiftly that you cannot even remember.

Like about all previous Valentine’s, we’ve anchored ourselves to the couch, in front of the screen. What would you expect? A promenade? Twas raining with cats and dogs!

Ted 2, the second Teddy bear movie from Mark Wahlberg’s dreamland, starts better than Star Wars… and it is harshly paused for lunch. Which we eat hurriedly, together with our twins, because at half past one commences 17 Again on free to air television.

I can’t tell why this movie comes to me as a surprise, almost every Valentine’s. Seemingly a ritual, definitely known by heart, when he asks me if I wish to watch it again, I say: yes, yes, yes!

The twins joined us watching. Then half of them wished to go for one more romantic movie. The other half went upstairs, in his room, for some computer gaming time.

Eventually, later on in the evening, mom and pop finished the white wine, in hiccups, with Ted 2, falling asleep at random latest episodes of this or that.

Popular culture says that marriage kills the romance. Like in this vintage video (no spoilers).

If that is true in certain – and no few – aspects, then this phone talk is a living proof about a more profound reality: multitasking applies not only for unpleasant and stressing chores. Just watch our marital argument to Beethoven’s 5th. Casual moments of romance.

Okay, okay, got the videos and the #makelovenotporn idea. Still the question remains: why 17? Again.

Dunno. Blame nostalgia. Blame the fairies and the miracles. Blame Zac Efron. Just don’t give up on love.

Romantic Doris plays the piano.

Romantic Doris plays the piano.

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