Old-Fashioned Fantasies

Three more bits of crazy moments caught on different cheap cameras, filmed in questionable light, with (almost) no preparation at all, meant to be watched once and tossed or kept for ourselves. Living fantasies the old-fashioned way. Enjoying to remember.

Making love by the lake.

Making love by the lake.


What a nice lovers’ moment to have each other, touch each other, make love to each other on the extended sofa in your living, to film it all, add a background and watch yourself making love to each other by the Lake (Lago di Garda, Italy) several decades back in time. Besides the fantasy factor, this romantic video has it all: teasing, missionary, riding, cowgirling, reverse cowgirl, 69, female and male orgasms, facial cum shot, female and male masturbation, sperm in her hair, etc. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day watching us go for it!


Taking a romantic bath, fancy the camera.

Taking a romantic bath, fancy the camera.


Lovemaking is, often times, much more than intercourse or the incessant rush to achieve an orgasm, or a series of… Lovemaking is, at all times, a mere transfer of JOY from one partner to the other: the giver gets satisfaction when seeing the happiness on the face of the receiver. Such was the Valentine’s Day ‘surprise’ prepared for me by Don. It returned from me to him when I posed in front of his camera. Knowing how much he enjoys this and finding my joy (again) in the unspoken relationship of mine with the photo equipment


'Menopausa orgasmica' is a funny and silly vintage video. Actually a sex tape.

‘Menopausa orgasmica’ is a funny and silly vintage video. Actually a sex tape.


A Retro Valentine’s sex tape. You may also call it a ‘Married PsychoComedy’ because it has a plot and a situation: Doris was touching menopause in 2010 and her psychological problems were no few; therefore she decided to consult a ‘specialist’ which will solve at least some of the issues in a matter of ‘touching.’ This is the #realworld plot about the natural treatment of menopausal distress.

It’s vintage, it’s love, it’s more than porn. How much more? Can you tell?


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