For Your Pleasure and Your Brain

Fellow Lovers of Feminine Beauty: Spring is here! With a new guest blog by Ruddy Adam!

These pictures go along with an effort to provide variety, which the brain loves. Hence, these are not the normal nudes that you are accustomed with on Doris’ blog, but rather varying shots of beautiful women.

Men and women (especially past 50) tend to get stuck mentally reducing their choices in life, which is called Mental Reductionism, something that is terribly bad for the brain. And thus for the overall health of the human body.

People who mentally reduce their choices refuse to try anything new; they do it in TV shows, movies, colors, art, clothes, cars, music, food, drink, even the route they drive to the bank or to work, etc. They are No-Change Normans or Normas. When they reduce their choices, it’s this — and nothing else. It’s this — and not that or anything else.

The brain will indeed adapt to reduced choices, but it hates it, and it begins to take anything other than what we’ve reduced our choices to as very bad, as an enemy, as something not to have anything to do with, as something to reject out of hand — without thinking. This type of thinking we want to avoid, and we want to break away from it in any area that we’ve done it.

Every book I’ve read for the purpose of helping us keep our minds healthy says right off “to be open to trying new things.” And “variety is the spice that keeps the brain healthy.” Other than having order in your life in the mornings when you get up, all other regimens are detrimental to your brain’s health. For example, the brain, the heart, and the rest of the body needs a variety of protein from different meats, because each one is different and each one aids the body in different ways: veal, beef, lamb, chicken, and certain fishes.

Believe me, I see tons of people here who can walk around and are otherwise healthy yet can’t remember what they had for breakfast. Does anybody want to get in that kind of shape?

The purpose of trying to get people to expand their music listening and other things is to try to keep those five brains in our heads healthy.

A variety of music listening is one of the best things we can do for our brains, the same with looking at beautiful things, people, art, etc. This is why the Lord has put so much variety in His creation; in the skies you get new pictures every few minutes. This is why “cloud watching” and just sitting and looking at the sky is so good for the brain: the variety. The same with a forest.

There are a lot of beautiful women in these pictures; take your time, sit back, and scan across each one very carefully several times. I promise you you’ll feel better after you do it, and your brain will adore it, and will pour loads of positive chemicals down through your body to repay you for treating it so well.

For your health: Ruddy Adam


La maja desnuda (The Nude Maja; 1797) by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

Public Domain photographic reproduction. 

2 thoughts on “For Your Pleasure and Your Brain

  1. Doris,
    This reminds of a horse racing idiom I often tell people who have a very narrow point of view of the world. I simply tell them to ‘take the blinders off’ because there is a magnificent world out there. This is another reason why I despise censorship because I do not like others telling me what I am allowed to see, hear and experience for ‘my own good’. I want to experience life and this world to its fullest. Both good and bad, and decide for myself what is appropriate for me. Love your blogs. I bid you peace and harmony.

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