The Girls

New guest blog by Ruddy Adam!

We listened to “Hands” last night and thought we would start “The Girls” series with these two, by Jewel. “Hands” is simple, beautiful, and soulful! Jewel’s subtle voice manipulations in this song are perfect for a soulful song.

The second song, “Intuition,” is sexy and provocative. It shows her range and ability to be a sex kitten as well as a wonderful singer/songwriter.

Jewel is one of the innovative singer/songwriting women that showed up in the 1990s, whom we call, “The Girls,” that we’ll be listening to this year, mainly for the purpose of widening and varying our listening range. Stick with “The Girls”; you’ll appreciate them.

Jewel writes moving lyrics, excellent melodies (music), uses very innovative (yet subtle) voice manipulations, and has a beautiful natural voice.

“Hands,” by Jewel (studio produced version with video, 3:45)

This girl can hold a note, and at a fairly high intone quality level.

“Hands,” by Jewel (for those of you who like it live and raw, 4:15)

Jewel Shows a Really Cute Personality Here, and Tells the Story of Writing “Hands,” and Sings It, Live (9:50)

“Intuition,” by Jewel (Try your best to pay attention to what she does with her voice, boys! Not her legs. Ahem!)

And now let’s get down to business (Doris here). My man celebrates me (yes, me) on every day of the year. He grew into such a ‘feminist’ that I often get surprised. Which is fine, makes me feel great. But knowing the past will help us avoid the future. Some samples to remember:

The earliest Women’s Day observance was held on February 28, 1909, in New York; it was organized by the Socialist Party of America in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.[4] There was no specific strike happening on March 8, despite later claims.[5]

In 1917 demonstrations marking International Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg on the last Thursday in February (which fell on March 8 on the Gregorian calendar) initiated the February Revolution.[2] Women in Saint Petersburg went on strike that day for “Bread and Peace” – demanding the end of World War I, an end to Russian food shortages, and the end of czarism.[5] Leon Trotsky wrote, “23 February (8th March) was International Woman’s Day and meetings and actions were foreseen. But we did not imagine that this ‘Women’s Day’ would inaugurate the revolution. Revolutionary actions were foreseen but without date. But in morning, despite the orders to the contrary, textile workers left their work in several factories and sent delegates to ask for support of the strike… which led to mass strike… all went out into the streets.” [5]

Following the October Revolution, the Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai and Vladimir Lenin made it an official holiday in the Soviet Union, and it was established, but was a working day until 1965.

From its official adoption in Russia following the Soviet Revolution in 1917 the holiday was predominantly celebrated in communist and socialist countries. It was celebrated by the communists in China from 1922, and by Spanish communists from 1936.[12] After the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949 the state council proclaimed on December 23 that March 8 would be made an official holiday with women in China given a half-day off.[13]

4 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. Doris you are a very lucky woman to have such a special man that totally honors and respects you as I would do if I was him….in that white body suit with your sweet nipples teasing you are proof that women clothed are sexy beautiful people……you should be adored and praised for being sensual yet the classiest
    sweet hugs

  2. Love ‘Hands’ – hands are so important, so essential, so expressive, you can hold hands, caress and stroke with hands, hands can be held in prayer and you can lend a hand when someone needs it. The fingers on my hands press the keys that write these words and blessings from my heart for Women’s Day travel from my heart to my fingertips. If all the world would join hands instead of curling into fists, what a lovely world it would be.

    1. Yes, Chloe, you are so terribly right. Just beware the hands of zombies. They lurk or travel in herds. Herds are dangerous. Herds are not humane. But individuals are. Women know to make the difference. Because women understand vulnerability.
      Do you watch TWD?

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