Heels & Nylons

I’ve been baking since early in the morning. For the twins, they have some kind of party at school. After doing the delivery, back home with my driver, I ask him for an early afternoon quickie. Oh la la… Teddy Bears are not exactly invested in quickies, they love cuddling before, during and after sex. Told him to imagine that we’re on a beach and gotta hurry, not to get caught. ‘Why not?’ – answered he.

Good, I can understand now why a mature lady may cherish a younger lad when she just craves for a minute orgasm, in a busy break. Off to the grocery store now. Take your time with the foot fetish, the pantyhose that I have ripped with the heels of my shoes, and all that cozy, lazy Teddy Bear stuff. While I’ll chase for some… products… to finish my baking… to get my kitchen tidy again… before the other kids come to visit.



4 thoughts on “Heels & Nylons

  1. My Dear Doris,
    This is quite a fantasy you have composed. I wish I could participate in it with you; however, you are a one-man woman and I respect that immensely. I look forward to hearing more from you. I bid you peace and harmony, and wish you fine health and good fortune. Take care, my friend.

    1. Truly a fantasy, not even my fantasy. More like an explanation to some questions. He has the means and I’ve got the patience.
      Haste and hurry can’t be anyone’s best friends.
      And hey, even a one-man woman can imagine, I guess…
      πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  2. love a lady in nylons …..the beautiful feeling caressing and adoring you and the beautiful scent of your sensualness slowly caressing and pleasing…..then again to join you in the shower or as found doing dishes to just give you quick sensual satisfaction is also the sweetest…..if we were both single love to be the one…..so respect the deep love you and hubby have for each other……do so cherish the friendship we have together here…….hubby hold and caress your dear wife for me

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