Mailman Minutes

Welcoming the mailman, an erotic fantasy.

Welcoming the mailman, an erotic fantasy.

Today, couple of hours ago, posing in front of the door to my home. I admit that I posed for my Fotomann, in front of his lights. The fantasy goes, however, that I hurry to welcome the Mailman who brings me greetings from far away friends (not just the regular bills). If the Mailman is so generous, why not me? The pourboire is informal today, more like a no panties hello.

And now I’m sharing with you a little excerpt from my ebook ‘Polygamy v. Polygyny’ on Amazon.


“The bell is ringing. Shall I?” Says Don looking for his bermudas.
“Don’t bother!” I cut him with this short exclamation while jumping out of the lounge chair and running to open the gate.
The postman handles me a registered letter. Asks me to sign for reception. Didn’t notice the banana-like greasy smile on his face. I am too impatient to even look at him.
“Doris! You are naked! You opened the door and allowed the mailman to see your bush, your tits, in all your glory…”
“So what? Let him see and enjoy, if he likes to stare. I don’t mind showing off.”
As I talk nonsense, my hasty hands tear the envelope apart. Inside a smaller plastic slip I find a… (read more)

The message on my door (today, in the photo above) reads: Spring.

2 thoughts on “Mailman Minutes

  1. Lucky mailman…..I was a home delivery milkman…… oh to have had you on my route would offer to put your milk away for you to enjoy your beautiful body longer…… would be wondering how would this sweet goddess thank me for good service
    Hugs sweet Doris

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