Ekstatic Intellects

A two-edged sword. The Sword.

How can a man be at the same time adventurous enough and careful enough to pull this Meta-Excalibur out?

Solomon gives any man a hint in his Book of Wisdom.

Wisdom is glorious, and never fadeth away: yea, she is easily seen of them that love her, and found of such as seek her.(…)

To think therefore upon her is perfection of wisdom: and whoso watcheth for her shall quickly be without care.(…)

As for wisdom, what she is, and how she came up, I will tell you, and will not hide mysteries from you: but will seek her out from the beginning of her nativity, and bring the knowledge of her into light, and will not pass over the truth.(…)

Wisdom reacheth from one end to another mightily: and sweetly doth she order all things.(…)

And wisdom was with thee: which knoweth thy works, and was present when thou madest the world, and knew what was acceptable in thy sight, and right in thy commandments.


Wisdom is a ‘she’ and she was present at the world-making ops. Which may imply that she is more than the world. Sure she is a consequence of the Word. Yet not a creation. What is the difference between being a consequence and a creation? Nice topic to consider.

Ecstasy (or ekstasis; from the Ancient Greek ἔκστασις, “to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere” from ek- “out,” and stasis “a stand, or a standoff of forces”) is a term used in Ancient Greek, Christian and Existential philosophy. The different traditions using the concept have radically different perspectives.

An ek-static intellect implies its self-transcendence. Is wisdom an ek-static aspect of God?

And like the Word explains us the unexplainable, so Mariam wisely allowed herself to be the Ark, the dwelling place for the Ever-Living to enter His creation from below. Like in wisdom.

A geek is already thrilled enough of how wisdom – a she – merges the adventurous hands with the conscious mind to dare a move on the Two-edged Sword.

It is the woman who makes the man be a man!

And Mariam who accepted God into Man.
Theotókos, the Mother of God, is a true statement.

Shivering for geeks to learn.

No wonder that she produced the most ample – to date – feminist revolution.

It's a she...

Ecstatically looked at, it’s a she…

3 thoughts on “Ekstatic Intellects

  1. \Woman makes the man be a man/ that is so true……. most men never learn this fact…… you respect love and totally adore a woman she will make you whole and satisfied and urge you to greatness in whatever you do…… it takes a woman to guide you properly……. total respect for your goddess people will be loving couples for eternity as you prove with your man……. this principle has kept us together for 40 years so I love your writings giving me new ideas to deepen love…… thank you so much for being a sweet sensual friend and teacher.
    Sending you a friends loving nd thankful hugs

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