Poetic Sprinkling & Spanking

Just google for ‘Easter customs’ and follow the wiki links.


In some Central European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) there is a tradition of sprinkling girls and women with water and spanking them with “Easter switches”. [4] The switches are made of willow rods decorated with color ribbons. The Polish tradition is called “Śmigus-Dyngus”, and is a tradition, that goes back to the Middle Ages. In the Czech Republic, such a switch is called pomlázka meaning “rejuvenator”, implying that a female struck by a pomlázka will become younger and prettier.

In Hungary, Transylvania, Southern Slovakia, Kárpátalja, Northern Serbia – Vojvodina and other territories with Hungarian-speaking communities, the day following Easter is called Locsoló Hétfő, “Watering Monday”. Men usually visit families with girls and women. Water, perfume or perfumed water is sprinkled on the women and girls of the house by the visiting men, who are given in exchange an Easter egg.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a tradition of spanking or whipping is carried out on Easter Monday. In the morning, men spank women with a special handmade whip called a pomlázka (in Czech) or korbáč (in Slovak), in eastern regions of former Czechoslovakia Moravia and Slovakia they also throw cold water on them. The pomlázka/korbáč consists of eight, twelve or even twenty-four withies (willow rods), is usually from half a meter to two meters long and decorated with coloured ribbons at the end. The spanking may be painful, but it’s not intended to cause suffering. A legend says that women should be spanked with a whip in order to keep their health, beauty and fertility during the whole next year.[4]

An additional purpose can be for men to exhibit their attraction to women; unvisited women can even feel offended. Traditionally, the spanked woman gives a coloured egg (kraslice) prepared by themselves, invites to eat and drink as a sign of her thanks to the man. If the visitor is a small boy, he is usually provided with sweets, and a small amount of money.

In some regions, the women can get revenge in the afternoon or the following day when they can pour a bucket of cold water on any man. The habit slightly varies across Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A similar tradition existed in Poland (where it is called Dyngus Day), but it is now little more than an all-day water fight.

A very special Easter tradition.

But there’s a little verse, or two, for the man to speak before spraying around.


Going into the green forest
I see a naked woman
I get my dick
Quickly to sprinkle her.


Up the skirt,
down the panties,
let me sprinkle your bunny.


I’m not a bunny,
I need a kiss,
unbutton your blouse,
let me spray those bosoms!


4 thoughts on “Poetic Sprinkling & Spanking

  1. That is so beautiful we all miss the real meaning of Easter since it has become a money making day…. if we listen to god it is a day to begin love and caring for one another…… the customs you presented show a tradition of a love for community and neighbors. The last saying for you I would change the words……I am not a bunny I need a kiss unbutton your blouse let me kiss caress and adore your blossoms…… that is what I love about you and your hubby you in many ways show the world love and caring is the answer.
    Thank you so much for being a caring friend…… sweet hugs to you both

    1. Oh, Bill, thank you so much for your wonderful comments.
      At times, I feel like a bunny, at other times, like a cougar.
      A matter of moods maybe??
      Sweet hugs and kisses,
      Doris ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. That is why I love your posts so much whether a bunny or a cougar the deep thoughts you share are so thoughtful and deep….. your pictures teasing in clothes and nude show that nudity is just a free expression of a wonderful classy person. You get couples to show their sensuality and deep love for each other…… please thank hubby for sharing you with me….a beautiful couple that has sparked me to find a deeper sensuality with my wife
        Tender hugs to you both and sweet kisses to my goddess of sensual enlightenment

  2. What marvellous traditions and so sad in modern times that everything is fading into homogeneity and greyness. I always knew there was more to spanking than spanking.

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