The Bunnies in the Cougar

This week, my sexy site with photos and videos has been reviewed by

Indeed, the site name – CougarBunnies – doesn’t make it clear. By original impulse, you might think – wait, you are thinking already! – of plurals and allow the mind to rush for the wild exponentials. This is how men think.

A woman, perhaps, would consider that in the body of a cougar – a one ‘babe’ according to RabbitsReview – there are so many different bunnies, struggling or worrying – for something or about nothing. Too many to count.

This past week has been hectic, loaded with garden work (and outdoor photo shootings), peppered with digits crunching, a few trips, more socializing than usual and a significant departure (of a good old neighbor).

The bunnies in me hopped like crazy, freaked out, calmed down, trying to find a balance between anxiety and confidence.

Offering you a few photographic excerpts – exclusively from this past week!

7 thoughts on “The Bunnies in the Cougar

  1. I would so love to visit that garden……pretty flowers and the sweetest bunny to play with…..
    So love your posts sweet Doris they show sensual beauty with beautiful thoughts…..
    Sweet hugs my beautiful friend

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Doris you are so welcome..always enjoy your thoughts in each post. So beautiful sensual and enlightening….
        Please thank hubby for sharing your ideas and beauty with me..
        Hugs to both of you and wishes for a wonderful week for you both


  2. I have never been comfortable with the label, ‘cougar’, to describe a mature and sensuous woman because it sounds so predatory. A woman should be cuddled and pampered since she is bestowing her most precious and sacred gift upon the one she deems worthy. I would consider myself honored and privileged if I could find someone like you. Doris. You are a very special person and an extraordinary friend. I am very proud to have made your acquaintance.

    Liked by 1 person

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