Sugar Addiction & Your Brain

New and very interesting guest post by Ruddy Adam.

Sugar Addiction Has Severely Negative Effects on Your Brain, Very Similar to Addiction to Opioids, such as Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Codeine, Dilaudid, Methadone, Morphine, and Other Highly Addictive Drugs Such as Cocaine, Crack, Crank, Meth, and Others — And Being Addicted to Sugar is Worse for You Than Smoking

You cannot imagine how many people I know who run like banshees from the thoroughly demonized gluten (a natural ingredient of wheat, which by the way, the Lord ate) and pound down sugar like it is mandatory to salvation. Can you imagine there are millions of people out there who won’t eat beef, and yet will eat “Sweet Poison” without the slightest hesitation?

It’s a good thing that Cultic Christianity did not know how addictive sugar is when the various denominations were forming, because they would have made its intake mandatory to keep the flocks bowing to their power structures. Only they would be able to serve it; the rest of the world would be restricted from having it if they did not come to their Store House, bow down, and have sugar served to them by a robed creep in another one of their fancy invented rituals.

On our program to help people get off various addictions, we treated people addicted to sugar just as we did people addicted to smoking, alcohol, and drugs. That is the way it should be treated, because it’s just as difficult to get off of. It is just as dangerous, though in a different way, because it definitely causes brain and DNA damage and being addicted long enough is going to bring about diabetes, as many of you know who are receiving this piece. Sugar definitely does more immediate damage to the brain than smoking.

Of course, sugar that you buy in the store is not really sugar. It is a bag of white granules made from synthetic (manmade) chemicals of several types, many of which must be highly addictive. There’s very little sugar which comes from the cane in store-brought sugar. By the way, sugar is not white; store-bought sugars are dyed white to make them more attractive to consumers. Sugar is not loose; it is sticky; the sugar you buy in stores is filled with synthetic anti-caking agents to make it loose and easy to use.

Studies have shown that after the process sugar goes through to get it to look as it does, the sweetness is gone. Companies then re-sweeten it with synthetic agents and can make it as sweet-tasting as they like. After hundreds of tests beginning in the 1950s, sugar companies know exactly the perfect taste to give sugar eaters so they will come back and buy more. How do they get by with such shenanigans? They pay our government representatives through lobbies, and the government allows them to do as they please. Absolutely no sign of this stopping!!!! You won’t be seeing any anti-sugar ads telling you of the negative effects sugar has on your health. The reason is that that All-Powerful Warring Warthog in Washington protects sugar producers; they even receive subsidies from that same beast, which come from your pockets.

There is definitely not one, single positive thing in sugar after it’s been processed. There are no vitamins, minerals, or enzymes. There is not one thing in sugar that will aid your body in keeping you healthy; the opposite, however, is the case. Everything in sugar is negative. This is not new news. Way back in 1957 (the now famous to many of us) food researcher Dr. William Martin classified “sugar as a non-food,” and tagged it as “Sweet Poison.”

Martin also said his research proved this about sugar: “Sugar intake causes toxic metabolites to form, which interfere with the respiration of the cells. The cells cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the function of a part of the body tied to the immune system and other important areas of the body that protect us from diseases and is the beginning of degenerative disease.”

Find someone who can say that their research shows that beef is harmful in a similar way and that gluten is the deadly killer it’s supposed to be. All you will find is anecdotal Bovine Scatology. What you have with beef and gluten are two more of the many food hoaxes spread by the medical industry for their own benefit — not yours. Indeed, you will feel better if you don’t eat bread that has gluten in it, but it’s not the gluten that made you feel bad in the first place. It was the sugar and starch and chemicals in the bread that, after you quit, you feel better from not putting them in your body.

A ton of recent research has shown that sugar affects the brain just as opiates do.

Regular sugar consumption has been proven to elevate dopamine levels that control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers in a way that is similar to opiate drugs: initially your brain rewards you by pouring out feel-good, pleasurable chemicals, similar to the way it does when you see an attractive member of the opposite sex and when you listen to a beautiful piece of music or see a perfectly clear, blue sky. But after a few years of regular sugar eating, your brain needs more and more to give you that initial, pleasure feeling. You pound down more, and you need more. The more you pound down, the worse you’re going to feel, and the more sugar you want.

The end of the above cycle results in depression and/or mood swings. And everything else negative that you can think of.

Sugar is a mood changer. It causes you to eat more and often brings about binge eating or drinking.

The entire negative neurological effects of eating what is truly little but a manmade drug have not been identified, but the more research neurologists do on sugar the worse they find it is for our brains, our bodies, and hence our overall health.

It takes a lot of work to get off the stuff if you’re addicted to it, because it’s everywhere and in almost everything. Those of you interested in your health and in protecting your brain should try quitting one thing at a time. Stop drinking sugary drinks. Stop sweetening your teas and coffees. Learn to enjoy the taste of coffee and tea rather than a hopped up liquid pile of sugar-enhanced poison. Stevia is very good for you and it’s actually sweeter; use that instead if you must have your drinks sweetened. Take it with you when you go out. Tell waiters that you don’t want sugar in your food. A lot of cooks/chefs will listen.

Remember that things like store-bought, processed milk, crackers, and meats are filled with sugar.

If you’re merely a sweet eater and not addicted to sugar, try cutting out something that you like the least but still eat it some. Cut out bread for a while, because bread is packed with sugar, as are most salad dressings and condiments like ketchup.

Let’s say you’re very careful about your sugar intake, but still get some in you by eating a sweet once a week. That’s not going to hurt you very much, at least to the point of causing diabetes, mental problems, and other degenerative diseases — unless you have diabetes in your family and then it will hurt you. But it’s not going to do you any good either. Try your best to quit sweets, except on special occasions when you want to reward yourself with some poison. You’ll be the better if you can cut back even from being a small sugar eater, because you’re going to eat a pizza and a sandwich every now and then, and there’s your sugar intake right there. That’s enough!

Let me warn you, if you’re a Sugar Head, you’re going to go through withdrawals trying to quit sugar. To combat those, drink lots of ice-cold water for at least five days, stay cool (don’t get your body heat up; that causes cravings), eat a little fruit to replace the sugar, start using stevia immediately, cut out bread and starches for at least a week.

After that you will be physically off sugar; that is, the physical craving for sugar will be gone. But you’re not finished fighting the war. After getting rid of the physical cravings, there is the psychological battle that comes next. You must tell yourself enough times to convince your brain that sugar is a horrible evil at least equal to heroin, that it will destroy your brain, your body, and harm you in every imaginable way. It is not your friend; it is your enemy. You must do this while you’re first trying to break the sugar habit. Don’t wait! Start brainwashing yourself immediately! You must learn to hate what you’re addicted to so you won’t go back to it.

Be careful watching TV. In fact, if you’re highly addicted to sugar don’t watch TV for about ten days when you’re trying to quit. Rather listen to music. Experts in getting you to go toward certain things design commercials and many shows to get you to want to eat starchy, sugary foods. They know that eating them makes you want to eat and drink other things, which they’re hawking. They have scientists, chemists, and marketing experts figuring every thing they can to get you addicted to the things they’re hawking. Through years of research they know the settings, the colors, the sounds, the type of people that will make you want to eat, drink, smoke, use the products they are promoting. Beware of this fact beforehand, and don’t let them seduce you!!

If you eat sugar every so often and are not addicted to it, be a little more aware of what you’re eating and cut back even more on your sugar intake. It will help your mood, your brain, and your overall health.

If you’re addicted to sugar, first admit to your addiction, and then immediately begin to do something about it. This you must do for your health! If not you’re begging for serious health problems that you will not enjoy, that will limit your lifestyle, that will cause you more pain and suffering than you can imagine.

It’s my view after studying these things for years and after cutting back on sugar in the 1960s after reading “White Death,” that being addicted to sugar is worse for us than smoking. Sugar is indeed “Sweet Poison.”

For our health: Ruddy Adam


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