Ecstatic Swingers

King Solomon inherited an established kingdom. He inherited the long peace after so many wars. He asked for only one thing: Wisdom. Not being directly interested in any of the others, they came along anyhow. Every material, intellectual and spiritual comfort imaginable on this planet – it is written – was given to him like to no other king in history.

Consider the roughly one thousand wives and concubines. Mind blowing digit: one thousand women for one man. What the approx. 999 were doing when he delighted his eyes with a special one. Was there a special one? More than just one? Selective affinities would incline the reasoning, or guessing, this way.

But reasoning is not enough, especially when approaching aspects of life that bear an ecstatic touch. One such situation occurs shortly before and during orgasm. A time when hormonal chemistry allows the mind to travel out of your body, far out. To reach scenes from thousands of miles away, to ‘touch’ persons with incredible impetuosity, in ways tough to formulate by the enstatic/reasonable intellect.

Good fences make good neighbors. Intimacy has been invented for a good reason. To separate the ecstatic space from the public/formal landscape. Like a boundary between two worlds: one of intimates and one of strangers.

But there’s more to the ecstatic world than sex. Experiences involving a state of connectivity – through self-transcendence – with other persons, not present where you are, may have the capacity to induce physiological effects comparable to a good orgasm. Phone sex and internet sex aside, you can get intimate, intellectually intimate, with a person living on another continent, that you have never shaken hands with.

Reasoning a bit further, what if we are so blinded by social conformity that we need to ‘get high’ on sex (reach orgasm) in order to experience some kind of wider connectivity, to give our minds a glimpse of the ineffable?

Looking down to our puny condition, we can only imagine (hope we can!) what other better/swifter ways are we missing (missing the trees for the forest).

When young, no matter your lifestyle, your connections, your desires, never forget to swing on the vertical. At least for the sake of curiosity: to experience and compare.

The Wisdom of King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 12.1-7:

1. Thus, remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the time comes when you are stricken with death! Or before the days arrive when you will cry out: “I have no pleasure in my life anymore.”

2. Remember your Creator before the sun goes down and the light from the moon and the stars grow dark and the clouds dissolve after the rain.

3. Before the day the body’s limbs begin to tremble. And the healthiest among you stoops to walk. Before the teeth cease to chew food because only a few are left. And the eyesight has grown dim.

4. Before the streets refuse the shuffling feet. Before the sound of the grinding mill can no longer be heard. And sleep is so light you are awakened by a bird’s chirp, yet all sounds have grown faint. Fear and Worry for the Old.

5. At the end the old begin to fear high places and worry about traveling. This is the time that the almond tree blossoms fade from pink to white (referring to the graying of the hair), and the locust has to drag itself along, and sexual desire no longer stirs itself. Shortly thereafter, Adamic man goes to his eternal home, and mourners roam the streets.

6. Remember your Creator before the silver cord of life is severed, before life’s golden bowl is crushed, before life’s pitcher is shattered at the fountain, before life’s water wheel is too rusty to pump water from the well!

7. For at that time, Adamic man’s physical body returns to the dirt of the earth where it was before this life began, and the immaterial soul returns to the Creator Who placed it in the physical body.


Why bunnies love fresh carrots. Taken an hour ago.

Why bunnies love fresh carrots. Taken today, about an hour ago.

6 thoughts on “Ecstatic Swingers

  1. Doris a very beautiful thought for the day….. so many see a gorgeous woman like you in sexy clothes or nude and all they think of is sex…. if you listen to God love for all……I see you in all your posts as a beautiful sensual friend who has a deep love for her husband as I do for my wife….. our love for our spouses and the love we share here as friends is a great start at spreading love peace and friendship to many.
    Hugs and love to you and hubby

    1. Yes, Bill, once I’ve called this Platonic porn. But now I think that only the mention of this word ‘porn’ would bring the topic way too deep into the middle ground of social conformity. And I don’t wish that.
      Also a great read for the mindful: Do You and Your Partner Have Different Sexual Styles? Ask These 10 Questions.
      Science says that fantasy and reality are still different worlds.
      Spoken fantasy, however, makes for a more pleasurable reality. No? 🙂 ❤

  2. Good fences make good neighbors. Never thought about that but it makes perfect sense. When we were children and my brother and I would run around in the garden naked in your house in Kent, one neighbour complained, even though their house was more than 100 yards away. A good fence would have prevented them from seeing what annoyed or perhaps attracted them. People are strange.

    1. So it is, Chloe. Some people don’t know who looks back at them from the mirror. They wish to live in artificial contexts, as instructed by others. But emotions inexorably poke at their spirits.
      Then they try to control other people, because they cannot control their own emotions.
      Too simple to be accepted as a truism – thus it has to be regarded as a scandal. The natural becomes outrageous to them.
      Actually, their right to comply and complain is equal with others’ right to rebel and reveal.
      Therefore, a variegated society is best served by fences.

  3. Doris,
    Those are the cutest pair of panties I have seen you wear in your photos. I cannot imagine what would it be like to have more than one lover let along a thousand of them. Heck, I would be happy if I could find one. Once again, you have combined wisdom with sensuality. You look amazing.

    1. Thank you, Thomas, for liking my cute panties. And the photo.
      I hope that you will find a lover, honest and next to you. Just look, or move, around.
      Love to you,
      Doris ❤ ❤ ❤

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