Middle Edges

Literary genres have the power to create a middle – even at the edges. Consider erotica, not exactly a mainstream genre. Within its own universe, there are unspoken (but written) rules that help the reader identify, and the writer achieve, what exactly an audience would expect from reading a piece of erotica.

Society regards porn as a dark territory edging the acceptable. However, the porn industry has greatly helped with the triumph of VHS over Betamax (a matter of choice, or lack of it). Internet porn is among the top motivations in technological development (a matter of business, and competition). Watching porn is a central activity that usually takes place in the living, the bedroom or the office – all of these being situated in the middle of our lives.

The socially edging porn industry is male-centered. A ‘center’ for which women producers have to struggle. Consequently, porn for women, by women, is still at the edge… of the edging porn industry. Yet another order of magnitude away from the middle. While women remain the uncontested center of porn.

I wished, initially, to give a few examples from faith and science, but I really have to stop before you might stop reading. Because we all bear a mental prejudice, a preconception, about information exchange and social communication.

If you go into a pub you expect to drink, chat, fight maybe, and get drunk, to some extent. If you go into a church, you expect to keep your mouth shut, listen, kneel, be nice to others, and get elated.

Not surprising for many when landing into a TED talk kind of ‘pub’ or similar tech, art, entertainment corners upping the octaves of the intellectual exchange of ideas.

Not at all surprising for many more when landing into Soviet-era decommissioned churches, turned into stables, or in former empty German churches, turned into shelters for the refugees.

The old-world had crumbled (past perfect, yes) under the weight of the new ideas. Inept aristocrats replaced by competent dictators. Until Monday evening, I did not know that Stalin ordered women and children to stay in Stalingrad during the siege. Sandwiched in the crossfire of two ruthless armies pushing from the outskirts. Defenseless civilians living – and dying – at the center, surrounded by the edges.

A little known philosopher compared our times with the Hellenistic epoch. He did this almost a century ago. He was not alone. And they were right in their analogies.

Closed cultures, resilient habits, secured societies are dwindling. Dubious chaos makes inroads, from the banlieues (the edges), closer and closer to the middle of the metropoles. To the center.

Up to a point when there will be no center anymore. Everything will turn to edges…


Hubby hijacked my erotic musings to an epic dimension populated with Greek titans, giants, daemons and Biblical characters that are dressed (metaphorically) in Modern Hellenism if you wish: aliens and earthlings trying to be themselves, to break the mythical chains, to free their identities from the old-school religious facade. A helluva syncretic activities – mostly unsanctioned.

He may be a dreamer, but he’s not the only one. Philosophers aside, scientists (the modern sorcerers), like mathematicians and astrophysicists, tend to contemplate more pertinent answers to the question: is the universe a computer simulation?

At this point, I really have to stop writing. Because this is too much for my mind to munch.


In accord (or contrast – I don’t care) with any of the above, I state that the universe is an onion. One that you can peel at the edges when desperately looking for a center. Cutting the intellectual mystique short, I’ll wear this new green party mini dress (what a lovely present from godmother!) and eat a green onion while hubby is about to do something practical (twas about time!): take photos and film some scenes.

After I’ve got you tired with centers and edges, curves and onions, please accept my apologies:

Uplifting and fun, both the video and the music.
One of the few amazing stars of modern music, Avicii.

Almost 15-million have listened to this version.
2-Cellos Playing Avicii’s “Wake Me” (3:50)

An unbelievable 246-million people have listened to this wonderful song!
“Wake Me Up,” by Avicii, with the lyrics & music (4:30)

4 thoughts on “Middle Edges

  1. Doris I never tore of the deep thoughts you share…..you always have ways to take us out of the daily stress with your thoughts from philosophers,the bible and beyond…the love,sensuality,and deep meanings are beautiful ….then too your sweet body caressed in that green onion dress is very beautiful and sexy. Thank you for the thoughts for today

  2. Hi Doris,
    First of all, love the dress. It contrasted and complimented you skin tone and hair color. Nice. I know you have to be careful what you post on YouTube, but I like the little teases you gave us. (Something tells me you had a wonderful surprise for us you wanted to share.) I like what you said in your blog. It should create some kind of conversation with a number of your detractors and admirers. Hope to hear from you soon. Until then, I bid you peace and harmony.

    1. Dear Thomas,
      Thanks for the compliments, you can’t imagine how much I treasure them!!
      Clearly, I must be careful with YouTube.
      Thank you also for the conversation: it helps to keep the mind young because – ya know – the body and the mind work together.
      The more the merrier.
      Doris ❤ ❤ ❤

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