Fun Songs in Videos

Fun Songs from the Folks to Pass on for Your Listening Pleasure with Videos to Activate Your Right Brain

New guest blog by Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!

These great songs were sent in by fellow music lovers (who loved the first Fun Summer Songs) to pass on to you. Remember that watching the video while passively listening to the music activates your right brain. Which is very important in our left-brain dominant world.

One of the smartest doctors I’ve ever had told me this week that one of the most important things people can do for their mental health is to make sure they do things that activate their right brain and get them to use it, because, as I myself have mentioned, most everything we do in the modern world is left-brained dominant. The older we are the more we need to do things that are healthy for our brains, she said, and added that proper exercise for the brain is more important than physical exercise for the body, though she says proper physical exercise is also needed.

Preparing our brains by looking forward to positive events like a wonderful summer is very good for our brains. Think of the sun and the bright blue skies and the bright clothes folks will be wearing and the fun they’ll be having at lakes and pools and other outdoor activities. Think of the beautiful celestial-colored flowers that will be blooming and the gatherings of friends and family, all of which will be positive.

Think of the late-evening sunsets when the sky is perfectly coiffed and beautifully colored in an array of different colors each evening when the Ever-Living displays His amazing artistry. To keep our brains active and happy, He varies that artwork every morning, every day, and every evening, by having the clouds move and change and the exact coloring of the sky is varyingly appealing to our eyes, and hence our brains. Let us recall how the brain loves variety! Suppose the Lord knew that? I think He is the one who designed our little noodles, as well as the universe. I have an idea He set the skies up to change frequently and excitingly. Let’s all try to take note of it every, single day — and appreciate it. For He did it for us! And in particularly for our brains and anything good for our brains is good for our overall health.

Get ready for that Endless Summer of fun and play that everyone loves, by listening to these songs and watching the videos.

Thanks to the folks for sending: OM and Mrs. W

Fun One

Great shots of California beaches. Uplifting beat and fun song.

“California Sun,” by The Rivieras, 1964 (2:20)

Fun Two

A really great video with this one, especially for those of you enjoying dancing to these relics from our youth and who enjoy seeing the styles of the 1960s. By the mid-`60s, Mary Quant’s “Mod Look” was in: mini-skirts, hot-pants, and black and white art. An English fashion designer, Quant did not invent the mini-skirt, but she named it and popularized it. Thank you, Mary!

Brought into vogue by Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Jeannie” fame, by 1968, two-piece, mid-drift-showing outfits were the rage. Barbara was not allowed to expose her belly button on the show; in the ads for the show she did, however. Most of the girls on the streets did. It was some sight when they first came out! The first time I saw E. she had a red two-piece on. I never forgot it! She still has it, and it still fits!! Jeepers!

The beautiful Barbara Eden in an ad for the show, “I Dream of Jeannie,” showing her belly button, which for some reason was a big deal back in the day.

Few people know Barbara went this far, but it was before she made the Big Time as Jeannie.

This video hits a slew of the old dances: The Twist, The Swim, The Mash Potato, The Robot, The Splash, The Monkey, et al.

As the Beatniks used to say, “Crazy baby, real crazy.” Which meant good in a weird sort of way. Yes, there were weirdoes back in that day, just not nearly as many of them.

“Let’s Dance,” by Ola & The Janglers, 1968 (2:25)

Fun Three

This uplifting video pretty much says it all about the clubs in the mid-`60s. Almost all of them had dancers, who were eventually called “Go-Go Dancers,” and the boots they wore were, obviously, “Go-Go Boots.”

The outfit the girl has on in this video is quite a bit less than a mini-skirt. I must admit it was the late `60s before I saw one as provocative as the dancer is wearing in this video. She has the whole audience mesmerized! Good dancers. Good beat for dancing. Nice view for the gents! Perfect 1960s club setting.

“Shakin’ All Over,” by The Twiliters, 1964 (2:45)

Fun Four

In 1963, one of the greatest composers who ever lived, John Barry, composed and wrote Chad & Jeremy’s first song, “Yesterday’s Gone,” because he saw that the pair sang at such a high intone level: 8. That was 60% higher than the average pop singer in the 1960s.

Certainly a beautiful piece, but the way the boys sang it at first didn’t go over at all in the UK. The duo had beautiful natural voices and their harmonizing had potential. They couldn’t do one thing with their voices, however, except straight-tone singing. The 1960s generation were used to more, and John Barry knew it.

Barry told them to “Whisper the song,” in what he explained to them was sotto voce, or under-singing for the purpose of emphasizing the lyrics by making them clear and articulate at a low level on the decibel range. It’s what Miss Buck used to call “talk-singing,” which is something singers do who have nice to beautiful voices, but have no decibel range, no vocal range, and do not have the ability to manipulate their voices or to use vibrato.

It worked in a big way, and the boys never looked back.

They came out with “Summer Song” the next year, and by that time they had mastered their harmonizing and whisper-singing. The lyrics are exquisite, in that they tell the story of the summer ending without ever saying specifically that summer has ended.

Performed on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in 1965, after “Summer Song” broke into the Top Five on the charts in 1964, Dick Clark thinks it’s one of the “prettiest songs ever written.” Of course, remember he was ordered to promote groups from the UK. Although “Summer Song” may not be the most beautiful song ever, it is a pretty song, sung really well by Chad & Jeremy.

Simple but exquisite lyric that, as noted, implies the fun days of summer are over without actually saying it: “They say that all good things must end some day. Autumn leaves must fall.”

“A Summer Song,” by Chad & Jeremy, 1964 (2:50)

Fun Five

“The Twist” overshadowed everything in the `60s, but people loved “The Swim” because it was the easiest of all the dances to do. Just swim! If you can’t swim, just stand there and move your arms as if you are swimming. The dancers in this video do much more than that!

Also mentions other songs from the era: “The Dog,” “Hully Gully,” “The Monkey,” and “The Twist,” none nearly as easy to do as “The Swim,” and none nearly as popular except for “The Twist.”

“C’mon and Swim,” Bobby Freeman, 1964 (2:45)

Last Thursday, probing them first...

Last Thursday, probing them first…

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  1. Ah yes the memories of when music was beautiful and then you go and tease in pants of the past……So beautiful and sexy in them

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