The Curve in the Rib

Men and women have the same number of ribs: twelve pairs. The misconception that men should have one less because God took one from Adam to make Eve is one of the many mind flops that we humans are so familiar with.

Interpretation is one’s processed perception. But can we claim that perception equates to reality? We already know that reality is relative. But is this perceived reality (being relative) or complete reality (independent of perception)?

My mind already spinning. Must fix my eyes on a curve. My hands pressing on a soft surface. My nostrils perceiving the scents. A mind acquiring a purpose. Look at her!

What was the purpose of Adam? The casual one, not the transcendental descent. To number and name. To taxonomize the bodies. How about shapes?

The Fibonacci numbers are dull, but the Fibonacci spiral makes nature sublime. Symbols to shapes. It might be how God worked Eve out of Adam. Taking the curve out of his rib. Freed from her cage in the chest of man, the curve turns voluptuous. The eyes notice and rejoice. Sex becomes art.

When the forger touches it, art deprecates. Fakes substitute the originals. Spirals wear off. Nature dies under a circular excuse. A tail-devouring snake trying to become, knowing that it never was and can’t ever be.

There is no hell other than in our perverted minds. There is no sorrow other than in our sad regrets. And there is no infinite. No mystery hiding behind the answers to our numerous questions. But a firewall to clear the originals in and burn the fakes out. God is simple. As simple as one. His artwork is beautiful. Regardless of what we think. Of what we see.

If Wisdom is a Woman and God a Man, if humility is a woman and love a man, then yes, something better than the sex we have learned to know awaits for us beyond. Curves and numbers, symbols and spirals, define us as persons. Works of art.

Did I mention that the aperture holds no assholes?


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