Over 50 & Fit?

Sex and fitness is a survival formula. It works better in a post-industrial context because, you know, shifts and factories are real turn offs, like synthetic sugars and junk food. The urban fitness approach, with irons and various pulling machines, looks a bit daunting to a person in her fifties. Not that I won’t be curious to try my luck, once in a blue moon.

Today, the beautiful May offers me the exact ecosystem where I love to fit in. Staying fit, I think, starts with fitting in the environment, with achieving a desired harmony between your body, your soul and the scenery.

Posing is, for me, sort of sex lite because, you know, I have a love affair with the camera. It is also fitness lite because, willy-nilly, I must move and stay in many tense positions. Felt some aches today, during the photo shootings. Guess that more gardening and more biking will be required to exit the lite phase. Until then, let me show you ten shots, fresh from the camera.

The industry, however, forms and reforms, because it can’t stop. For the younger generations, observing the cult of the Apps, Pornhub offers a new and quite funny idol: BangFit! Take the serious fitness chores with a smile and an orgasm. Wear the phone on you while ‘banging’ for the digits to collect and the graphs to grow.

I’ll have a carrot in the while.

4 thoughts on “Over 50 & Fit?

  1. 50is just a number….Dorisvyoubare proof to ladies everywhere/ take care of your body and you too will be sexy and mature…..love the black suit it is my favorite style….on you it is so sexy and classy love to see more of you in it
    Have a great weekend….Sweet hugs

  2. Hi Doris,
    If you think about it, your particular vocation is a great incentive for you to stay in shape. Let us face it, clothes can only conceal so much. When you are out there in all your glory, it is you and you alone. Personally, I think you are a beautiful and sensuous woman. I have a difficult time believing you are the age you claim you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Love you.

    1. Well, Thomas, first of all, you are so right about matching shape and vocation.
      I only claim the age that I can read in my papers, nothing else. And I can tell that I begin to feel it here and there, when stretching or pulling. Anyway, age is a good thing to cheat.
      Love you too,
      Doris ❤ ❤ ❤
      P.S. And thank you once more for the wonderful words!!

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