Believers Are Innocent

(New guest blog, new translations, by Ruddy Adam.)

Rejoice! Believers Are Innocent Because of Khrist!

II Korinthians

Chapter Five, the Lord’s Courier Paul to the Assembly at Korinth, Hellada

1. For we understand that if our earthly house (the human body), which is like a tent, is destroyed at death, we have from God a building, a house not made by hands, ever-existing in the Upper-Levels.

2. For certainly we groan in this house, longing to put on our residence which comes from the Upper-Level.

3. And if we are indeed being clothed, we shall not be found naked.

4. For certainly, being in this tent (body), we groan, being oppressed, because we do not want to be unclothed (die), but on the contrary, we want to be clothed (regenerated with a new spiritual body), so that the mortal (the liable to die body) can be swallowed by the life (our new spiritual body).

The Ever-Living Has Made Us for Immortality

5. Indeed, the One Who created us so that our mortal could be swallowed by life is God. He also is the One Who gives us the deposit which is the Spirit.

6. Thus we are always courageous and fully confident — knowing that while at home in the present body we are absent from our future home with the Lord.

We Live Our Lives by What We Do Not See — Not by What We See

7. For we walk by faith — not by sight!

8. So then, we are indeed courageous and fully confident of the Khrist-Message, but we prefer to be absent from home in the present body, and to be at our future home with the Lord!

9. Therefore, we are indeed striving to be well-pleasing to Him, whether we are at our present home in this body, or whether we are away from our present home in our future body.

All Will Stand Before the Lord

10. For we must all appear before the Tribunal presided over by Khrist, in order that each one of us can receive our reward according to what we did through the body, whether those things were good or bad. (Whether we trusted in Khrist or not, and how much trust we had.)

11. Thus, understanding that the Lord demands reverence, we attempt to persuade all Adamics of our sincerity, but to God our intentions have been revealed. And I hope to have been properly revealed to you in your consciences as well.

Rejoice in the Unseen

12. For we are not recommending ourselves to you again, but on the contrary, we are giving you incitement for delight on our behalf, in order that you can have the ability to refute those who glory in external things — and not in what God has placed in our heart.

The Apostles are Servants, Both to Khristians & to God

13. Indeed, if we are crazy, we are crazy for God. If we are sane, we are sane for you.

The Love We Know Khrist Has for Us Makes us Act & Believe

14. For the love Khrist shows toward us, drives us — convinced of the following: that if indeed One died for all, then all died with that One

15. and He certainly died for all Adamics, so that those who are alive would not live for themselves, but on the contrary, so that they would live for the One Who died and was raised for them.

16. Accordingly, from now on we have no relationship with anyone in accordance with flesh. But even if at one time we did have had a relationship with Khrist in accordance with the flesh, nevertheless, at this time we no longer have that type of relationship with Him.

17. So then, if anyone is in union with Khrist, he is a renewed creature: the old has passed away. Pay attention! All things that concern those who are in union with Khrist have been renewed.

The Apostles’ Ministry of Redemption

18. But all these things are from the Ever-Living. He is the One Who reunited us to Himself through Yasu Khrist, and He is the One Who gave us the ministry which proclaims the reunion:

19. namely, that God had always been in union with Khrist, reuniting the civilized world to Himself — not recording their violations against them — and God placed in us the Message explaining the reunion.

The Apostles, Envoys for God in the Redemptive Process

20. Thus, we act as representatives on behalf of Khrist, as though the Ever-Living is appealing to the civilized world through us. We implore you on behalf of Khrist: Immediately be reunited to the Ever-Living!

The Ever-Living’s Offering For Us

21. For the Ever-Living offered Khrist as sin on our behalf, the One Who never had anything to do with sin, so that by means of Him, we could become justified by God.

Therefore, those who trust in Khrist have been found innocent because of Khrist’s actions on the Kross, our relationship with the Lord is at this time not physical — but a spiritual union with Him through our trust in Him — and because we have been found innocent, the Ever-Living will judge us through our union with Khrist, which makes us as perfect as He is regarding sin. Rejoice! We are innocent in the eyes of the Ever-Living because of Khrist!

Note: All translations, notes, and comments are by Ruddy Adam. Regarding the translation, all underlined words are emphatic in the original, yet are impossible to express in the receiver language, English, unless they’re underlined. All titles the translator has placed in to help English readers follow the subject and are not in the original.

All italicized words and phrases the translator has added for clarity or because English demands them. Opposite to English, both Greek and Hebrew are economical languages that quite often leave out linking verbs, objects, articles, and personal pronouns; but they must be added in English to convey the proper meaning of the original text and to allow English readers to read them in the common English idiom.

All genitives are fully translated according to a strict formula created by the translator and one of his favorite linguistic professors. This is done firstly, because there is no “of” relationship in either Hebrew or Greek—and it is the translators’ belief that these should not be placed in the English. And secondly, because Khristians reading their Bible ought not have to deal with the ambiguity brought about by using “of” where it is not indicated in the original.

The text used for all New Testament Passages is the Second Edition of the Majority Text, edited by Hodges and Farstad.

The Text for all Old Testament Translations is the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, a reproduction of the St. Petersburg Codex B19a, which the translator considers the oldest extant texts as well as one of the best Hebrew texts available.

For the faith: Ruddy Adam


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  1. Doris have always thought of you as a beautiful classy woman in body….now I see what I had thought that you are a beautiful woman in soul also….hopefully someday I can with my sweet loving wife hold you and you man in front of our maker and say we have loved and cared for all that we could in/ this world…..I see you as more than just a beautiful sensual woman but as a very beautiful person to know in eternity
    Sweet hugs to both of you

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