Trump Over the Hump

Another guest blog by Ruddy Adam.
Warning! This is really obscene adult perv sick stuff. It is intended not for the faint of heart. You must be 21 or older to read this.

Fellow Freedom Lovers:

I wrote this little piece several few weeks ago, but am just now getting it out. It’s not often that your enemies push you over the finish line to win a race. In this case, I think it’s important to understand what happened. For one, it shows the power of one of the main backers of the hell-bound neo-cons. He has been one of the central promoters of the wars in the Middle East that have cost the US between $2.5 & $4-trillion. Not to mention the lives ruined and people killed.

This morning Trump held a press conference to refute the Clinton/media lies that he had stolen $6-million that he had raised for veteran causes. In that conference he called Bill Kristol a loser and a few other choice names. Trump was responding to negative articles about him in the neo-con magazine the Weekly Standard (edited by the lowlife neo-con Bill Kristol, the leader of the phony conservative neo-cons, and a major instigator of the constant warring the US has done in the Mid-East).

Folks, anybody who damns the neo-cons has my endorsement and vote. If Hillary were to condemn them and Trump did not — I’d endorse her. She can’t do it because she’s paid off by the same people who’re paying the neo-cons to promote hatred against Vladimir Putin and anybody else who does not bow to their plans in the Mid-East. No matter that not one of them has done anything to the US.

Here’s the little story of what/who got Trump over the hump. Ruddy

What/Who Pushed Trump Over the Hump in the Presidential Primaries in April, 2016

Through News Corp, the neo-conservative, Globalist Rupert Murdoch controls FOX News, Fox Sports, 21st Century Fox, etc., the Wall St. Journal, HarperCollins, the New York Post, Barron’s Magazine, and numerous media outlets around the world.

Murdoch started out opposing Donald Trump, because he himself believes in open borders, heavy intervention in the Middle East and trade deals that favor other nations over the US (for the purpose of building those nations up financially, just as the US has done Mexico, China, India, and other Southeast Asia nations); in other words, Karl Marx’s globalism.

Or as Marx called it: Internationalism. Remember that Marx said, “All socialism/communism must be international.” Open borders internationalism is a central part of socialism/communism. Marx founded the first union and called it the First International. Don’t let anyone deceive you! Everything about open-borders globalism is directly from the writings of one of the most virulent Khrist-haters ever to walk the planet.

The root of building his political/economic/cultural doctrine that he called communism derives from his hatred of Khristianity, proven by this saying and goal: “Khristianity is the opiate of the people, and it must be destroyed.”

Marx’s method of destroying Khristianity? Big Government, i.e. Socialism/Communism. This doctrine has easily been the cause of the deaths of 150-million people since the first successful communist revolution in Russia in 1917. Excluding those murdered by Mao in China, the vast majority of these killed have been Khristians. Yet in America today it is still a belief that politicians are promoting — and the American people continue voting for.

Do those politicians know that Big Government is Marx’s method to destroy Khristianity? Absolutely!

Trump’s son-in-law, the sneaky snake Jared Kushner, owns and publishes The New York Observer, and he began last Fall making overtures to Murdoch, attempting to broker a truce between Trump and Murdoch. He is given credit for the peace pact that has ensued.

As the thaw began, Rupert Murdoch said in January that “many influential Republicans” were beginning to recognize the inevitability of a Trump nomination. Next, Murdoch cautioned the GOP against opposing Trump.

Murdoch tweeted: “If Trump becomes inevitable the party would be mad not to unify.”

In late April, Murdoch passed the word down to Roger Ailes and Neil Cavuto at Fox to call off the dogs that they had sicced on Trump from almost every show on Fox. The next day the tone regarding Trump changed drastically. Megyn Kelly began calling Trump to make up with him. For at least a week before the Northeastern Primaries, the majority of the neo-cons who had so virulently opposed Trump were absent from Fox. All of Murdoch’s papers and media outlets endorsed Trump in the primaries.

Trumped stomped through New York and the Northeast in landslide victories and finished with a big win in Indiana, for wins that should (barring any convention shenanigans or someone shooting him, neither of which I would doubt as ruthless as the neo-cons and the Big Government Republicans are; and let me add that ruthless is a light word; there is no word to describe their treachery, deceitfulness, evilness, gall, lechery, and tyrannical mindset!) clinch the GOP nomination for him.

When the damnable neo-cons returned several of them had come over to Trump — or at least had tempered their opposition to him. Without Murdoch moving over to Trump, I wouldn’t doubt that the GOP primaries would still be in play. I’m glad he did it, but there’s no way Murdoch can make up for pumping the wars in the Middle East through his media outlets, because they have caused America and the world massive devastation.

Ruddy Adam

Here’s part of the story of the Trump/Murdoch peace pact.


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