No Shades of Grey

Ruddy Adam makes a point in his today’s guest blog about another era.

A Few Things You Should Know about the Man Called Muhammad Ali That the American Media Aren’t Likely to Tell You.

“My enemy is the white people, not Vietcongs or Chinese or Japanese.” (Clay/Ali, 1964)

(I wrote these things down by pencil back in the 1960s and `70s. E has been rummaging through my old files and she managed to find a few things I had recorded he said and did back then. I doubt you’re going to hear much about the true Clay/Ali from the American media, because they have turned him into a hero of heroes.)

Called the “Louisville Lip,” because of his loud mouth, the barely literate Cassius Clay changed his name to what he called his “new freed name,” Muhammad Ali, from what he called his “slave name,” Cassius Clay. Clay/Ali was a perfect target for the cult he eventually joined: ignorant, poor, chip on his shoulder, mad at the world, a black living in a predominantly white world.

He said he deserted the “religion of the ugly white man, Christianity,” for the “religion of the beautiful black man, Islam.”

He joined what was at the time the most radical Muslimic group around, the Nation of Islam, because “it stand against the transgressors committed by the whites more than any others in the Islamic faith and call whites what they bees, demons.” (I don’t remember exactly, but I suppose I either heard him say it exactly like this or copied it from somewhere, but he did initially talk as the quotation reads. EF)

The central teaching of the Nation of Islam was “that white people were devils created by black scientists.”

Why those “black scientists” would do such a thing the Nation never attempted to explain. It was not a mistake, because according to them the only mistake blacks ever made “was trusting whites who stole math and science from them and destroyed their civilization in Africa. Then put our weakest people in slavery.”

In the 1970s, after the Nation of Islam had robbed Clay/Ali and its leaders had shown themselves to be liars and hypocrites, he rejected the Nation of Islam and its crooked leaders; but still remained a dedicated Muslimic.

Next, the people who run and control such sleazy businesses, as boxing and wrestling, got hold of him and promoted boxing deals for him, which made him rich again. His last fight in 1981 was a pure farce. Ali hit the ropes in the first round and stayed there the entire fight, never throwing the first punch. I went with a friend who, believe me, dragged me there. I detested boxing — still do.

A few years after that joke, the media began building an image of the selfish Clay/Ali as a humanitarian who loved children and was an advocate for international peace. Over the ensuing decades, they built him into an icon of various types that Clay/Ali himself never knew anything about.

To Clay/Ali’s credit: By the late early 1970s the man had educated himself to the point that he was quite an articulate speaker. He dumped the false history fed him by the Nation of Islam, and used things that were actually true to back up his arguments. He remained dedicated to his religion and continued studying to improve himself.

When he refused to serve in the Army after being drafted, I myself actually agreed with him for not serving — but disagreed with his reasoning, which was this at first: that it was “the white man’s war against his brown brothers.”

He did register for the draft in 1962. Because he was a Golden Glove Olympic Champion, he was assigned a 1A Classification, to serve only in case of a “National Emergency.” After two IQ tests registered his IQ at 78 his draft status was changed to “mentally unfit for service” (1-Y, as well as I recall). After LJB escalated the war in `66 by calling up 500,000 men to go to Vietnam and millions of young men were doing everything they could to avoid going, the army lowered its standards and that made Clay/Ali 1-A again, yet absent the “National Emergency” status.

I liked Clay/Ali’s answer to his IQ score: “I told you I was the greatest — not the smartest.” That score and the way Clay/Ali changed was one of many things that made me reject IQ tests the way they were administered — which was as if we are all cattle of the same breed.

There was an immediate rumpus when he formally claimed his reason for not serving was his religion. It faded fairly quickly as soon as Nixon began deescalating the war.

I had friends older and younger who ducked the draft in so many ways I can’t count them. I didn’t blame them. Why should someone/government/anybody be able to tell you you have to fight someone else if you don’t want to? That’s not freedom!! Besides, many of us sat around school dorms, pubs, classrooms, and fraternity houses debating this ever-existing question that has still not satisfactorily been answered to this day: “What the hell are we doing in South Vietnam?”

As always the goofy, predictable left cried oil. But we never backed the first tanker into the Tonkin Gulf. As always back in that day, the phony right cried communism. But while we were fighting against communist/socialism, LBJ was enacting socialist policies as fast as the Congress would approve them. And later Nixon was in China, the major backer of the North Vietcong, making deals with them to “bring them into the unity of nations.” What bastards!

Again to Clay/Ali’s credit: He condemned race-mixing and stuck to his words on that subject, although he said that “stupid white women were waiting everywhere at his beckon call for sex” but “I refuse them.” For this, many of his own people lambasted him, but he stood firm.

He endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1984, because he said “He’ll keep the bible in schools.” Without that, he said, “Our children will get dumber and dumber and people will get meaner and meaner to one another.”

Poor Clay/Ali didn’t know that the Federal Supreme Court ruled in 1963 that the Bible cannot be taught nor could there be prayer in public schools. An average of polls back in the day showed over 90% of the American people opposed the ruling. There were supposed to be riots in the streets over that decision and people were going to take their children out of public schools and refuse to pay their school taxes. As far as I know, that didn’t happen anywhere in the nation. The people bent over and suffered the banging — per usual.

The Wall St. Journal, which was a very good paper back in those days (unlike today), stated perfectly about the ruling: “Atheism has been declared a religion by the U.S. Supreme Court.” And then: “From this day on, atheism is the one belief to which the state’s power will extend its protection.”

Although I do believe Reagan’s faith in Khrist was genuine, and that he meant it when he spoke of the power of prayer and the value in studying the Bible, neither allows us to dismiss the fact that, in eight-years Reagan did nothing to get either prayer or the Bible put back into public schools, though the polls still had over 80% of the American people wishing it to be twenty-years after the ruling.

As all of you know, I believe we should be a nation of settled laws and not one run by the majority of what the people want, and this I have written about and discussed many times. I merely point out that the US government and its officials, both of which are always calling America a democracy, do not themselves follow what they claim. They believe in majority rule only when it suits them.

For the truth: Ruddy Adam


Muhammad Ali, 1942 – 2016.

All Things White, Jesus, the Angels, Etc.

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