Bunny Ears

Don’t remember when I had a flat belly. But I do about the plump one (pregnancies not counting). He says that I’ve got a bunny belly. This according to his perception. If I wish to share it, that’s another matter. Sometimes I tend to agree and some other times I don’t.

Bunnies are silent creatures, unless they scream. Wild ones are wise enough to conceal their presence in silence – a nice evolutionary aspect when you are prey to so many other animals.

Living in constant danger, bunnies have developed an amazing sense of hearing. Or do they get this from the excellence of their ears’ design?

Zootopia – the latest fable with a rabbit and a fox – brings back idealistic memories from days of yore. When young and candid, you wish to make a difference. Life and practice – yes, failures – will make the greatest difference, less to the rigid world out there and more to the rubbery self of a rabbit.

The bunny cop will eventually turn into a mom who, at some point, would briefly be a soccer mom (wearing bunny ears is a bonus here), and more likely a MILF (boys will be boys), but also a retro fantasy (each man has a soft spot).

Football, or soccer for the folks across the pond, is a game of the present. What matters is making the present sexy enough to smack a smile out of the treasure chest of memories.




2 thoughts on “Bunny Ears

  1. Doris, I love the photos you posted. You will always the most sensuous woman in the world through my eyes. Since we got our own professional soccer (football) team, I have been a big fan and have not missed a televised match. It is really a fun sport to watch. I also agree with you about bunnies. Just like them you are so cute to look at, and probably very soft when held. Look forward to seeing more of you. Love you.

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