Goodbye Gravity 2.0

Last week I gave it a try, but busy things snatched me back to earth by untimely calls and commands. Now I wish to give it a second try. Actually, seeing new perspectives, I am glad about the interruption last week.

If we are shadows, or avatars, living and playing inside a computer, that we call the universe; if we consider self-awareness, before Skynet does; if we put the dots together, then we may conclude the following: i. on its spoken delivery, the universe (our host machine) was a perfect product, with not a single fault in it, because there was not even a notion of faulty stuff (errors not being hatched yet); ii. knowingly or not, independent of our evaluation, the perfect programmer has only one limitation: he can’t go wrong, anything he makes has to be complete, absolute. Sounds even more boring than a life trapped at Buckingham Palace.

Wisdom whispers a bit of naughtiness into his ear. Because only he knows how to put the bits into bytes, making things happen. Easterners mention karma and Westerners contemplate the theatre. Because new characters came in place, or places.

In The Symposium, Plato tells us that humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Making love is the acceptance that you are one half of a whole and you have found the other half.

Fearing their power, the first born from the virus had them split, separated, condemning them to trauma and depression. Was this a vengeful act? The envy of the gods? Gods envying humans, interesting…

The progress theorists believe that man today is smarter than yesterday. Perhaps this line of thought brought us under the shadows of a consumerist society. By buying you’ll ‘better’ yourself. Collect junk that was specifically designed to last less, to break easier, so you can buy more. And more. How often have you heard, or read, that ‘less is more’ in the media, across the social hubs, out there in the steel, glass and concrete wilderness?

When released, Adam was the pinnacle of creation. Younger gaming boys and gals know the feeling about creating and nurturing one’s own avatar into that virtual world behind the screen.

The elements of the game, or the gods of the elements, those neurotic villains, puzzled for a moment, learned quickly, from their master, how, and where, to strike. Splitting Adam from his wisdom, seducing her away to chimerical lusts, they broke humans in two, separating the love and adding darkness in the middle of man.

Gravity is a symptom for silence, seclusion and slowness. A symptom of the dark side.

If light is within you, why need a light bringer? If love gives you access to everything, why crave for something? If gods envy you, why listen to them?

If Chloe describes love so well, why should I add a iota, or retract one. If blowjobs were a thought topic for our ethereal ancestors, I don’t know, why not dream of what you could have done with “four arms, four legs and a head with two faces” back then.

All of the above elucubrations have little to do with gravity. Therefore, still stuck in apathy, please allow me to progressively promote the following to you. Just in case you have an inertial itch to say goodbye to gravity.

1. If you wish to mentally escape this fetid sense of gravity, then read Chloe Thurlow’s uplifting blogs, buy her books.

2. If you like listening to classical music with your eyes fixed on sexual intercourse, wondering what took decency astray, browse to porn-[-dot-]-com, such a lewd site that I won’t even dare post a ‘decent’ link to it, and do a search for phrases such as: “Blonde Amateur Plays With Her Pussy In The Yard” or “Thick And Hot Wife Is Ready To Get Some Cum” or “Spreading Teen On Camera Shows Her Pussy.” These titles were given by the boys of the industry. Not by me, nor by my Fotomann. Other generations, other approaches, other perspectives.

3. Aroused or disgusted, paying a visit to from time to time will comfort my gravity well, I can tell.

What surprised me, quite a bit, was this: “Spreading Teen On Camera Shows Her Pussy.” I was aiming for a seven, maybe. Trying to be realistic – as realistic as a narcissist in her love affair with the camera can be. Well, is the word Teen better than a Ten? Because it has a double ‘e’ in it?

Dang, here I am, landed again. Back to gravity!

Until I’ll recollect my spirits, let us enjoy the first summer day. Midsummer upon us with heat, storms, lightnings, flashes and so much rain. Wondering if our souls might influence the weather above our heads?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Gravity 2.0

  1. Plato and Zeus really get you thinking……Zeus had it right with two heads both are looking in different directions causing confusion and arguments..I see you and you wonderful photographer as myself and my beautiful lady’s Plato’s wonders four arms and four legs holding together a beautiful couple wanting nothing but to be joined forever and they two heads kissing and whispering I want you as a part of me forever…..Beautiful way to look at love
    hugs sweet goddess and your Plato love photographer

  2. I love the world you created, my Darling Doris. It sounds like a mixture of “The Matrix”, a mythological fantasy and Utopia. I want to live there with you. It sounds magnificent.

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