EPICA, Operatic Rock

New epic guest blog by Ruddy Adam.

Are you familiar with Epica?, a Dutch band, that I call Operatic Rock; they call it symphonic metal. Great music. They’re one of our favorites that I’ll get to when we go overseas, as well as Deep Purple.

Simone Simons shatters the entire soprano range, tapping every single note at a perfect ten. At least that’s what my ear tells me without a tone machine, and I’d like to bet I’m correct.

Really great musicians with her.

“Never Enough,” by “Epica,” sung by Simone Simons (3:45)

“Feint,” by Epica, sung by Simone Simons (4:20)

“Cry for the Moon,” by Epica, sung by Simone Simons

Simone Simons has the purest voice I’ve heard in many, many a year outside of opera, and she ought to be singing opera. Which, of course, she truly is everytime she opens her mouth, because with her voice every word is operatic. No way she can help it.


3 thoughts on “EPICA, Operatic Rock

  1. Hey Chloe and Doris:

    Yes, you should definitely take this girl’s voice seriously. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime sound. Just perfect! Just sit back and listen to her voice and you’ll hear the purity of it.

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