Inertia & Utopia

“How long it’s been ever since?”

“Eight years and something. Let me…”

“No, dear, on their planet.”

“Two hundred and forty.”

“As it was yesterday.”

“Took them 2828 years under the kings.”

“How many? Talk to me in our years please.”

“Ninety-seven and a half. A bit over…”

“Almost a century. That’s quite a lot of time, dear.”

“Quite a lot. Indeed. Quite a lot.”


Excerpt from the logged records at Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array, July 4th, 2016.

Discover the background stories at

Discover the background stories at

5 thoughts on “Inertia & Utopia

  1. Love you in that dress…….a very pretty sweet goddess in utopia
    Sweet hugs to bring you fireworks joy for the 4th

    1. Oh, Thanks F.
      Don’t know why exactly I didn’t love my feet, a lot. But you encourage me to change my mind. Mwuaahh!!
      ❀ ❀ ❀

      1. Doris feet are over looked…..most men go straight for the breasts on a woman and yours are beautiful… I also enjoy women with shapely legs in sheer nylons…..So in saying that you have very pretty feet inviting to kiss and caress as your whole body gets massaged with sensual oils….be proud of all of you I know your photographer
        Hugs and kisses from your pretty toes on up

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