Great Comic Scene from the Past

New amusing retro guest post by Ruddy Adam.

Great Comic Scene from the Past: Andy Pressing Barney on How His Girlfriend Hilda May Got Him to Sign a Certain Petition

When E. and I first met, we talked over the things we liked and didn’t like, which is typical. Food was easy: pizza and hamburgers were our favorites. Still are! She was one of the rare ones I’d met who liked a lot of different music. Of course, we both loved Elvis, along with Gary Puckett and Ricky Nelson’s voices. Then when it came to the comedy shows of our day, we both liked The Andy Griffith Show, and the following one was both of our favorites. I couldn’t believe it; neither could she. We still love this one scene in this one.

The scene starts at 6:25 and runs through 8:05, in case you don’t want to watch the whole show. The repartee between Andy and Barney is still one of the best I’ve seen between two comedians, and this one is the best of the best.

To set the scene for our friends around the world who’ve never seen The Andy Griffith Show, the setting is a very small Southern town in the 1950s to early `60s where Andy is the capable sheriff and Barney is his bungling deputy. Barney was a little fellow with about 16 complexes, including of course the little man’s syndrome. Barney was a coward who wanted to be the hero, and quite typically of the type, he was always trying to prove himself; he’s also the clown between the two, Andy being the straight character. Barney couldn’t stand up to a gnat, much less a sweet-talking Southern gal (who can?), as you’ll see here.

From a time now long gone, a slower, far more innocent time, and one never to return, enjoy this bit of comic nostalgia.

The Andy Griffith Show: “Elly Runs for City Council” (25:00)

Of times long gone.

Of times long gone.

One thought on “Great Comic Scene from the Past

  1. Thank you for the memories…….those were beautiful peaceful days when tv was enjoyable with shows like Andy and Carol Burnett……I watch those many evening on a channel that plays them weeknights….I can just picture you and your love cuddled together watching these and smiling at the beautiful memories you share.
    Hugs my beautiful friend enjoy your weekend

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