Positive, Uplifting Colors

New colorful guest blog by Ruddy Adam.

For Our Brains: Positive, Uplifting Colors Versus Negative, Depressing Colors

Studies regarding how colors affect the human brain and mood have been going on since the 1920s. The Classics believed that all rooms “should have at least a dash of red” in them because “red brings about a happy mood.”

They were correct. Red is the happy color. It is the alluring color for people wanting to have fun, and it makes them want to have fun. That’s why so many large, chain businesses have red in their signs and in the colors of their buildings. Almost all large chain restaurants have red in their signs, logos, and buildings.

Count them next time you’re out around a large mall where the chains congregate. Colors are used for a purpose by sharp advertisers.

For the health of our brain and our mood, we should wear colors proven to affect our brains positively and give our mood a lift. In decoration nowadays, earth tones are popular. Avoid them as much as possible, because they are the negative, depressing colors. If you must use them, for the sake of your brain and mood, add some positive, uplifting colors to the room. You can definitely offset those negatives with positive colors.

Positive, Uplifting Colors: reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, light golds, whites, light oranges such as salmon, light silvers, light purples.

It’s almost an absolute that people who wear, use, decorate with, and drive positive, uplifting colors are more often positive and uplifting than people who use the opposite colors.

Negative, Depressing Colors: browns, blacks, coppers, dark golds, army greens, dark grays, wines, beiges, dark purples, off-whites.

It’s almost an absolute that people who wear, use, decorate with, and drive negative, depressing colors are more often negative and depressed than people who use the opposite colors.

There are, however, some functional reasons to use certain colors that are considered negative in some instances. Off-white automobiles, for example, not only have the same positive effect on people as bright white ones do; they have the same benefits of being cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as looking a little cleaner for longer than bright white ones do.

Only one negative, depressing color in this group of colors, and it stands out: Freddy’s Fedora. These colors are an excellent example of colors that help our brains produce positive chemicals and that help lift our moods.

Red brings about a happy mood.

Red brings about a happy mood.

If you’ve been taught to wear dark colors in the Fall and Winter, scratch that craziness. Advertisers have used that con to get people to buy different clothes for the seasons. Stay with the positive, uplifting colors for the sake of your brain and your mood.

For our health: Ruddy Adam

4 thoughts on “Positive, Uplifting Colors

  1. I agree with you Doris too many women follow the ads and publicity magazines……they push women into black lingerie and to me a lady in red with tan stockings is much more comfortable in her sensuality and exudes beauty…..even when you do a serious set of pose in happy colors there is that little smile and twinkle in your eyes that says I am happy and enjoying life……you in that red are so beautiful sexy and classy so inviting to hug and enjoy happiness with you
    Hugs my beautiful friend

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