Filmed this Wednesday early in the morning.

I am bored and excited at the same time. Sounds strange, I know, but I got accustomed to myself. I always have my garden where these marvelous mornings of summer invite me to step barefoot on the dewy grass. What a lovely and liberating feeling to touch the earth with your soles. Geeks say that this practice helps fighting the damaging free radicals in our bodies. Too much chemistry for me to grasp, so I asked Don, who else? He threw the typical machine comparison at me.
“Any electrical device works better, and safer, when grounded. So yes, walk barefoot on the grass. Take your time. But hey! What’s with those clothes on you?”
He loves to stare at my naked body. During these over two decades and a half of being married to him, I have learned what to do when I need to capture his attention: get naked!

Excerpt from “MATRYOSHKA – Sex in the Golden Age”



2 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. Doris,

    I absolutely loved the video. Your outfit was amazing. I am so glad we are the beneficiaries of your husband’s obsession. My favorite part is when you displayed your tantalizing tummy. You look positively delicious. Thank you for sharing. Love you. Take care.


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