Quite Smooth Again

To escape the days, we’ve got nights and dawns – like lapses and moments of recollection and self discovery.

Our bodies, while we sleep at night, release hordes of little minions that will turn cholesterols upside down because this is how we repair ourselves, physically, through sleeping. And once light and sound alert our brains about environmental events, those minions scare themselves back into their hides. Banana!

About dawns, sporting our freshly fixed anatomy, we meet the mirror. Time for a psychological evaluation! Because there is always someone looking back at us from behind that glass on the wall.


The broken pipe has been repaired. Some papers have been signed. Cousins and friends, neighbors and specialists, aunties and kids, came and went. Days come and go. Especially during summer.

Immediately after doing this casual photo shooting (only few samples above, more on CougarBunnies.com, published this morning, and double more on Southern Charms next Tuesday), I noticed that hidden parts remained covered and swiftly instructed my Fotomann to take the spatula and smooth them. Which he did. The next photo shootings will show even more smoother than this one.

What is the only better way than coming on me? It is coming on my pics!

And videos!

‘Rubbing, Lovemaking & Long Milking’ is an exhaustive morning bed film. We love the morning for this type of activity because we’re not tired, yet. And if he gets tired, eventually, the energy I receive from sex adds for a more lively day ahead. It may look exhausting, from a few angles, but it is also rejuvenating.


2 thoughts on “Quite Smooth Again

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall I would be the same as the image looking at you thinking wow what a beautiful lady…..the cares of yesterday are gone her body is beautiful and the sweet smiles I am loved and happy….sex and milking love in the morning is so beautiful and that couple should look in that mirror every day to see a beautiful couple deep in love
    this image looking at you says enjoy your weekend together…..hugs

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