Models of Risk

As a child, one risks to get raptured by an imposing uniform or a shiny hat or a certain inanimate object defining a well-accepted social status. Symbols such as clothes, cars, houses, limos and money come and go. Little the child knows about the backstage of the human comedy: how much blood has a uniform to absorb?; how many dicks went blowing under that fancy hat?; how dear was the price of money and if the payer feels satisfied paying it?

Reverse aging is all the rage today. Modernism (yet another model) would make it look like – wow! – here we are reinventing the wheel. Nothing is new under the sun – unless we drink the Kool-Aid, trusting a social model.

Gene therapies that add new lengths to one’s telomeres seem incredibly generous and descended right off a science fiction piece.

Difficult to think that man has done this before, since the field of genetics is so new. However, Job – a real guy from a real world – has experimented more than one gene therapy on, and under, his skin.

Another approach to reverse aging brings us closer to the middle, and so very dark, ages. Putting young blood into older people by ways of performant plasma separating machines.

Mice studies were quite promising. There are side effects for plasma recipients. Compared to the alternatives – advanced aging, degenerative diseases and death – these risks may be worth taking.

How about the long term risks that a plasma donor could face?

Short Term Vs. Long Term Effects

If you are a regular plasma donor, you’ll feel some short term side effects after donating – like dehydration, tired feeling, chest pain, weak/rapid pulse, and a dizzyness or a sore arm. But in the short term, there’s little possible risk of donating. There are more long term disadvantages to donating than short term disadvantages.

Repeat or regular plasma donors might develop serious long-term effects that are bad for their health, like after donating regularly for months or years.

Long term plasma donation lowers immunoglobin levels, which affects the immune system and puts donors at risk for serious health complications like pneumonia. You start to feel physically run down and unhealthy after donating for extended periods of time.

Over time possible plasma donation complications include lowering serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood, making depression, mental disorders, and increased anxiety or panic attacks worse. Those at risk for, or previously diagnosed with depression or social anxiety are taking unhealthy risks by plasma donating long term. Regular plasma donations may have a harmful effect of lowering mental health state and weakening the immune system over time.

Here is what came to my mind, in a flash: Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed.

An extreme version of sucking one dry.

Stargate Atlantis – Suck You Dry – Wraith Queens


3 thoughts on “Models of Risk

  1. Very well stated Doris. Our bodies were designed with natural mechanisms to help us fight disease and get along each day. Society competition can be harmful.blood banks suck too much of the needed items from us making us vulnerable to problems they are trying to cure in others. The other side of this is the women with small breasts putting things in their bodies that were not natural to have to be as beautiful as the model and stars they see. Treat our bodies with respect. A small breasted lady who dresses sexy with class and a pretty I am proud of myself smile is so beautiful……you are proof Doris take care of your body and respect it with pretty smile and sparkling eyes says I am proud of who I am and I know your man thinks you are an Oscar winning actress. So in conclusion don’t let anyone fool with the beauty God gave you be proud.
    Proud to know such a beautiful sweet friend as you and hubby.
    Sweet natural hugs to you

    1. Oh, Bill, you’re so right. My self-confident smile is not a constant though. Insecurities haunt me like they do on anyone else. For a while I’ve tried to keep stress under control, only to realize that controlling stress brings more stress. The problem, maybe, is with the verb: control!
      Escaping, forgetting, ignoring, looking the other way, does better when stress and worries and phantoms come to haunt.
      Anyway, it’s complicated.
      Loved reading your lines.
      Thank you and many kisses,

      1. We all have stress we can’t explain or escape from time to time. Turn from it with an ice tea or your favorite drink take a naked walk through your garden with the sun caressing your body it will ease the pain and to see hubby standing there admiring his sweet flower brings you back to happy thoughts……you have friends that would reach out and hug you if they were there

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