Immortal Bach

New music post by Ruddy Adam.

Beautiful Short Piece by a Very Talented Group from Europe

It’s rare to find a piece with both polyharmonics and counterpoint.

This is a beautiful short piece. It’s live so you hear noise in the audience, especially a cougher, so try to pay attention to the pure tone, the singers singing two notes at once in perfect tone, and the musicians playing two notes at once in perfect tone.

Rare piece, though they are still doing these things in Europe.

The composer of this piece, the late Knut Nystedt, was a dedicated Khristian who composed his pieces off of the Bible and the idea of a heavenly spiritual world, as these lines below show with the theme of death being a reward, as Paul taught, and of our trip from this flesh to the spiritual world brings comfort, and the prophet Yiremeah’s call for Believers to pray for the Lord’s return.

Come sweet death.
Come celestial comfort.
Come lead me in peace.



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