The August Report, 2016

Hi, Don here, bringing you the fourth August Report – a two years cycling routine. Why August? Because it was in August 2012 when Doris launched her first adult personal pay site at And before that, closer to the dawn of time, in 2010, if memory helps, when we have started – to blog out our casual love making.

Why two years? I really don’t know.

This February, after three years and a half of struggling with subscriptions, we closed the adult site and moved back to our first love: writing and blogging about midlife matters and extraterrestrial epics.

Expressing Doris in photography on her Southern Charms and works better for a hobby, as opposed to the full blown pimp job required by a master account with a major processor.

Her mom passed away early this summer, after a long and excruciating suffering. Doris is still recovering, as we all do. Time heals and forgetfulness is bliss – perhaps this is why people wish to gaze at young photos, to remember the departed as they were in their prime.

Notice how I’m dealing with the past by the way of backlinks, framed memories and evasive procedures. What matters is the future. Really? No. What matters is the present. The here and now. This is made to join the collective memory that we call ‘the past’ and, at the same time, this is the container of fantasies, plans, wishes, desires and actions that our minds, our souls call ‘the future.’ We are beings of the present because there is nothing else but the present.

Currently, I’m looking to buy a Canon EOS1300D SLR camera together with a Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC all-in-one lens.

Or should I opt for the standard kit?

Both options comprise image stabilization. Perhaps the standard version? Any recommendations, suggestions, experiences?

As Doris writes and muses a new idea every day (almost), I’m trying to figure one or two ways to make them happen. Ideas, like photos coming from the past, arrive from the future to catch a glimpse of the present.

Thus ends this August Report for 2016, with a new camera opening. Until the next Canon will tempt Doris to further her love affairs (with the cameras), let us (men) be inspired by what the old Canon has shot early this August.


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