Aspects of August

As I write, my mind dreams back at the weekend. Dunno how many years have passed since we could manage to take the family out for a couple of nights. Somewhere cute and cozy, beyond rivers and hills and valleys.

When returning home, Sunday evening, I felt how the positive energy – stored in us like Duracells charging the drumming bunny – commenced to fill the house, by means of a brightness chasing shadows away.

The other weekend has been cute and cozy too, but local. And this is where I have to stop if I wish to keep dancing on the uplifting tune.

Hubby finally bought his new Canon, this weekend. By accident and by surprise, as any real rebate should meet you around the corner, or the next shelf beneath the advertised offer. It is a Canon EOS 1200D together with the standard lens. He wishes to tell me the numbers but I respond that I won’t care writing them down. What I sniff from this odorless and good-looking gadget is: more details in bigger photos. Such as my wrinkles. Oh my! Oh my!

Shortly thereafter, he generously dispatched his old Canon as didactic material for the twins. Thoroughly teaching them how to catch the instant, the insect or the flower, dynamic or static targets to zoom and capture in the little box.

The first night at the hotel, I’ve dared a quite risqué photo shooting, in haste, not thinking, just moving. Perhaps the shortest photo shooting I can recall: thirty-nine seconds!

Couple of other photo sets followed my naughty midnight stunt, by day or by evening, in sunshine or shadow, up the hills or among these crafty constructions.

Such were the aspects of this August.

2 thoughts on “Aspects of August

  1. Hubby is a photographer with great taste and an eye for classy beauty….the buildings and floral design are so breathtaking the way he captured them but of course the beauty of each city scene would not be complete without the sweetest flower in them….the beautiful Dawn rose.

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