Male Tenors from the Oldie Era

New music post by guest blogger Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!

By Request: Five Songs by Male Tenors, from the Oldie Era

“Do you have a say about five songs by different singers from among the oldies where a male really sings tenor, as high as possible? Please send them if you do. We love listening to males hitting the high ones.” Sandy & Suzy

I’ll do my best, Suzy Qsey & Sandy Bear. These five are on my favorites. Enjoy!

How about this high tenor, who can hit notes a lot of females can’t hit? And he sings at a very high intone quality level, perhaps a 10 when he holds a note. That’s why they called him Eddie “High Notes.” He is a true male falsetto (the highest male voice range). The sad thing is, this is the only song “High Notes” had in which he really showed his beautiful voice, which, as he graces us with here, can easily tap out 4 octaves.

“Hey There Lonely Girl,” by Eddie “High Notes” Holman (4:40)

Really good song! Little Anthony doesn’t have the range of “High Notes,” but he can certainly sing.

“Hurt So Bad,” by Little Anthony and The Imperials (2:15)

You’re listening to Ted Mills singing “Sideshow,” and he could sing with the best of the Soul singers.

“Sideshow,” by Blue Magic (3:55)

You can find Jackie where he goes high more often, but I just like this song, though he does knock out a few high notes along the way. The audience will alert you, in case you miss one. They like them!

“Lonely Teardrops,” Jackie Wilson (2:35)

Folks, let me tell ya, Tony Williams was one of the all-time great tenors. He had a truly great natural voice. It was just there, whereas Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole had great voices, but they had to work for them. TW just walked up to a mike when he was a kid and started pouring out a beautiful sound, which means he had an excellent ear. He had range, and he had tone.

While TW sang lead for the Platters (beginning in the mid-50s), they had four # 1 hits and 16 gold records, which was astonishing back in the early days of Soul because of the competition. The hits: “My Prayer,” “Harbor Lights,” “Twilight Time,” “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” and “The Great Pretender.”

When 25 of us voted in 2000 for the best natural male voice outside of opera, TW received 3 votes. He was the only Soul singer to receive a vote.

“Only You,” the Platters, featuring the great tenor, Tony Williams (2:45)

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