The Unforgettable Adam is all about one’s right to be forgotten online easily.

Is zero a number or an iteration?
If a number, zero would bear value, would represent a particular quantity and therefore would bring or take a certain amount in operations. Does it?

Adding zero to any number makes no difference.
Multiplying any number by zero takes all value and quantity away.
Dividing by zero makes the infinite happen.

The infinite is an illusion.
There is no infinite belonging to Eternity.

Division by zero disjoins reality.

Do you think that zero exists, as in Eternity?
Is there such a ‘thing’ as ‘zero’ in the uber-math and ever-math Up there?

Comes the reverse question: was the zero created in the first place?
Is the ‘zero’ part of the Word?
Did God speak the ‘zero’ out?

The answer, not more than a hunch and a speculation coming from under the space-time conjecture, is: no! God did not speak the zero out into existence. Because the zero is the absence of existence.

While Numbers are, Zero isn’t.

However, there’s a great deal of zeroes one has to deal with through, or under, this space-time conjecture.

Who spoke the zero out then? The man? The Adamkind? Or some Alienkind? A kind or a person?

Usually, a person speaks for kinds to follow. A person, aka Lucifer (among many other names), has spoken it when asking zillions of years (as in Earth-years) ago: “Why Thee and not me?”

Excerpt from “Astarte, The Adventure” – a fantasy beyond space and time.
No need to take it too seriously.
Astarte saying.

I had enough of it. Raising in front of the ambassadors, I spoke out.

“Blame me for all evil because I had it conceived, I brought it to this world. I am to blame.”

One millisecond! This is how much the silence reigned. Next they raised their voices and pointed their fingers to each other. Everyone was right and everyone in front of him was wrong. My millisecond of confessed truth ended in yet another fight.

Turning my back to them, I raised my hands to the white heavens of Venus and asked God to forgive me because no one will: not my evil son, not our maniac first born, nor the prodigious dynasties we had raised. No one but, hopefully, God will listen to me. And He did.

Asking Lucifer: “who are you?,” this one found no answer other than this: “Why Thee and not me?”

The words being spoken, and heard by every ear in the universe, fury ensued. So Lucifer wasn’t “our god” after all – muttered the ambassadors. Insurrection rose in the air. They asked me to god them (it’s also a verb, yes) through this revolt in the name of freedom, democracy, faith, peace, solidarity, brotherhood and whatever slogans they found suitable to cover one goal and only one: preserving of power. They were no better than their evil father. Only scared. Lucifer wasn’t.

“I know, Astarte. Lucifer has asked me to activate the time-space traps that I have had setup for him in expectation of such an event.” Looking at him through the white and black volumes between us, I notice tears running out of his rainbow eyes.

“Indeed, Kronos, you coded and compiled the black decks: two-dimensional singularities persistent in a three dimensional space. These have trapped myriads of ships heading for Venus in support of the Insurrection. How could you do that?”

It was rather a rhetorical question but Kronos obliged.

“Simple division by zero. You see, in the fractal function holding the boson field…”

“Stop! Kronos, stop! I don’t need your equations. You have annihilated a multitude of civilizations…”

“Not annihilated, just trapped. Besides, it wasn’t me but your son, because he provided the NULL. My original math had no zero and thus no infinite – these two are a factor of Chaos, thus, ever since I call Lucifer by his newly earned name: Chaos!”

Quote from “Astarte, The Adventure” – see it on Amazon.


Who created Lucifer?

Ezekial 28.12-17

13. You were once in Eden, the Creator’s garden! Every precious stone was set in your garments: the ruby, the diamond, the opal, the onyx, the sapphire, the emerald, and also gold. Your musical instruments and your precious-stone settings were prepared for you with perfect craftsmanship the day you were created.

14. You were anointed the Guardian Cherub. For I thus ordained you. You were in the Creator’s separated heights. You walked among the fiery stones!

15. You were perfect in your duties from the day you were created until wrong-thinking was discovered in you. (Note here the use of the Divine Passive, was discovered, which tells us that the Lord was the one Who discovered Satan’s deceit without so mentioning His Own Name. Another beautiful way of expressing the Lord’s actions in a simple yet linguistic manner. The Divine Passive is very common in the Scriptures.)

16. Through your many dealings you were discovered filled with deceit, and you started sinning. Thus, I drove you from the Divine Heights in a state of disgrace, and I cast you from among the fiery stones—oh Guardian Cherub!

17. You lifted your heart in pride because of your magnificent beauty. You perverted your wisdom because of your shining splendor. *So I cast you to the ground. I made a mockery of you before the earth’s rulers *so that they could see who you truly are.

Compare the above to this.

Genesis 2.7-9

And Jehovah God formed the man out of dust from the ground, and blew into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. 8 And Jehovah God planted a garden in Eden to the east; and He put the man whom He had formed there. 9 And out of the ground Jehovah God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food. The Tree of Life was also in the middle of the garden; also the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

No doubt that God created all things that came to be. Did He make them equal? As in the act of creation and consequently as in their own evolution (or involution for that matter)?

Ezekial and Moses offer us two Scriptural perspectives above: one about the creation of Lucifer, another about the creation of the man called Adam. I don’t think that these were equally created. The process of insinuation, or production, in my personal opinion, is unequal to the process of being formed, and breathed with the breath of life so that the man can become a LIVING SOUL (notice please the absence of ‘living’ in the text by Ezekial).

“You were created” (in the text of Ezekial) and “God formed the man” (in the text of Moses) are descriptions of two different creation processes. Not any creation comes through a unique process, or uniform act.

Perhaps we may ponder the case where Lucifer was not Fathered, just mothered.

In extremis, as Satan, the ‘new’ Lucifer proves his self as the NULL, the Chaos, the Liar, the Deceiver, the Seducer,the personification of sin.

If there is no sin in Eternity, and if the property of life is one’s given talent to ascend into Eternity, then what and where is the identity and place of this passively created being?


Was Lucifer created to be forgotten?

Is Adam the unforgettable being?

Back beneath the sorrows of space-time: refuting television down to watching only Formula 1 races (even Doris enjoys this, especially when Nico Rosberg wins), I point my screen addiction to on demand shows, old news.

Spending hours on TED talk, I learn about so many interesting ideas. Worth watching!
But, from all the brilliance and diligence, from all the eclecticism and pragmatism of the speakers, John Legend and his ‘Redemption Song’ has touched my soul.

Simple things are, often times, great avenues to self discovery.

Resisting sin is implausible.
Avoiding sin is workable.
Forgetting sin is freedom.


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