Phyllis Schlafly

Scriptures and Thoughts In Honor of Phyllis Schlafly, and Trump Gives the Eulogy

Scriptures in Honor of Phyllis Schlafly, Who Lived without Fear –

By Ruddy Adam.

The Divine Courier, Yohn, to His Students and Fellow Believers

I Yohn 4.9-18

4.9. By means of the following act, we understand that the love supplied by the Ever-Living was revealed by means of we who are His Couriers: that the Ever-Living has sent His Son, the One born of a very, special birth, into the civilized-world, with the result that—through Him—we can live eternally.

4.10. The preceding expresses love—not that we loved the Ever-Living, but on the contrary, that He loved us! So He sent His Son as an Atoning Sacrifice for our sins.

4.11. Loved-Ones, if the Ever-Living thus loved us, we ought also to love one another (fellow Khristians).

4.12. No one has ever perceived the Ever-Living. If we love one another the Ever-Living lives in union with us. And then, His love having been made mature, is in union with us.

4.13. By means of the preceding we understand that we live in union with Him, and He lives in union with us, because He has given us a part of His Spirit.

4.14. And we have understood and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior for the civilized-world.

4.15. Whoever acknowledges that Yasu is the Son sent by the Ever-Living, the Ever-Living lives in union with that one, and that testifier lives in union with the Ever-Living.

4.16. And we have understood and have trusted the love that the Ever-Living has placed in union with us. The Ever-Living is the very essence of love! And the one who lives in union with love lives in union with the Ever-Living. So, the Ever-Living lives in union with him.

4.17. By means of the following result, we understand that love has been made mature among us: that we have absolute confidence at the Day of the Tribunal, because just as that One exists we also exist in this world-system.

4.18. No fear exists in love, but on the contrary, mature love drives out fear! For fear reaps punishment. So the one who fears the Day of the Tribunal has not been made mature by means of love.

As I noted above, Phyllis Schlafly lived without fear, because her love for Khrist was mature and true. Her Day has come, and she has overcome by means of her faith in Khrist Yasu. Rejoice!

After 92-years of living, fighting, and praying, Phyllis Schlafly was a warrior for freedom, truth, and Khrist before many of us thought we needed people to fight for us. She was one of the first to announce her support for DT.

She and several women like her who girded their skirts so many years ago (most now with the Lord), remind me of Deborah our ancestor who stood up for our people and advised the king how to attack the god-hating Kananites. King Barak followed her instructions and defeated king Yabin’s general Sisera’s greater army, and our people rid themselves of the Kananites for a time.

Khrist-haters are relentless fighters, however, and they returned years later under different names and rulers to torment our people again. Their ancestors stand among us today (wherever our people are), fighting against all that is good and right-thinking toward Khrist. That will continue until the Lord Himself returns to make things right! Come Lord!

Thank you Lord for letting us have Phyllis as long as we did. We respectfully and reverently ask for You to raise more warriors to fight for your Name and our freedom. Thank You!

I remain for the faith: Ruddy Adam

Donald Trump Gives the Eulogy at Phyllis Schafly’s Funeral

One thought on “Phyllis Schlafly

  1. we can only hope that Donald Trump gets elected and lives up to the ideals she professes. The others have no love in their hearts except for themselves. We can hope he leads as she feels to bring other nations back to loving each other also. That is what I love about you. We talk of sensual things when you pose but deep down I so love having you and hubby as friends and I know from your comments you return that love. So nice to be friends with people whose love comes from my ideal. Love Khrist and love one another.our continued friendship is a small step toward world unity.
    Hugs to both of you for being the best loving friends

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